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Mark Models’ Maria Camila Dy Suico bags body positivity in the industry

Mark Models’ Maria Camila Dy Suico bags body positivity in the industry

Bagging her experience and personal advocacy, Maria Camila Dy Suico is the representation of perpetual beauty.

Mark Models spurs every entity in redefining the standards of beauty. As the fashion industry’s emphasis on diversity grows, more and more plus-size models are becoming household names.

Camila, a plus-size transgender woman, is one of the names to front high fashion campaigns. Get ready as she firmly nails the test shoots, advertising, fashion, runway, and print ads.

Attaining the degree of Fashion Design and Business Merchandising, she loved the business and technical side of fashion. She admitted that she never knew that modeling will pique her interest until the world started being more diverse. She also highlights the astonishing level of her professionalism.

I have a really good work ethic, I can multi-task effortlessly and I am really hard-working,

Aside from the attachment in history and art, she is also an advocate of animal rights. Speaking of her nature, the mentioned ones are just a few, as she clasps a bunch of hobbies.

My hobbies include working out, creating looks using makeup, creating social media content, and widening my knowledge of certain topics and social issues.

Differences and flaws

Modeling has always been on her mind since the beginning of 2021. However, there are a lot of things that are holding her back. She also disclosed that she grew up with body dysmorphia.

Bagging her experience and personal advocacy in the industry, she cannot stress enough to the world that differences and flaws are what make each and every one unique.

She also shared, iconic models Jill Kortleve, Precious Lee, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid are among the models that she adores.

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Force to be reckoned with

Meanwhile, Camila anticipates that modeling will be challenging but fun. She also believes that modeling isn’t about pretty faces and taking endless selfies and pictures. For her, it’s about delivering and meeting expectations.

Moreover, she knows in herself that she can influence and inspire others by doing her passion.

I feel like I’m a force to be reckoned with, I can do so much more than modeling. I can influence and inspire other people, especially the youth with the things that I stand for.

To know more about Camila, take a look at her exquisite beauty by following her on social media.

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