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Latest Single ‘Paano’ by Alexa Ilacad Receives Overwhelming Support

Latest Single ‘Paano’ by Alexa Ilacad Receives Overwhelming Support

Filipina actress and former Pinoy Big Brother celebrity housemate Alexa Ilacad is now back in the musical scene.

Recently, the 21-year-old star released her new single titled ‘Paano’ under Off the Record. Last night, Alexa went live on her Kumu page at 10 PM for the midnight release party of the song.

According to the label, the track is “a heartbreak anthem where Alexa lays down all the questions inside her heart and head.” Apparently, it was written by Alexa and in collaboration with Eunice Jorge of Gracenote.

Behind ‘Paano’

In an interview by Rider PH Studios, Alexa admitted that the song was already finished back in 2016 when it was still fresh from a heartbreak. During a rainy car ride, the artist felt sentimental and typed whatever she was feeling. At that moment, she asked the hows of everything and realized it could turn into a song. 

Soon, she changed the lyrics and asked her best friend Eunice to add a melody or an instrumental. As claimed by Alexa, she wanted to make a song out of the pain.  

As of writing, ‘Paano’ has reached the #2 bought song in iTunes and currently trending on Twitter with #PaanoAlexaIlacad. Moreover, fans of those who ship Alexa and Eian Rances together, the AlEian, dedicated a project for her single.

AlEian Billboard Project

Called Project A, the AlEian family featured the artist’s song on a billboard along C5 Bagong Ilog that is showing until 11 PM today. Supposedly, this is their third billboard in less than a month.

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Of course, the singer reciprocated her fans’ love by immensely thanking them through a quoted tweet. 

Despite just leaving the Pinoy Big Brother House, the artist seems to be brewing more surprises for us in the future. More music, perhaps?

Listen to ‘Paano’ by Alexa Ilacad on Apple Music and Spotify

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