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Mark Models’ Sef Llanes strikes pose with authenticity and professionalism

Mark Models’ Sef Llanes strikes pose with authenticity and professionalism

Striking her way on the top of the dazzling scene, Sef Llanes embodies the confidence of a true queen.

Mark Models continues to set the bar high in invigorating the world of flashes and blinks. Among the pioneers, Sef can literally snatch everyone’s wigs with her distinctive beauty.

With every flip, her authenticity shines. With her figures, she’s definitely ready to nail test shoots, advertising, and fashion runway bookings.

As an individual, she holds her fascination with the inner workings of the modeling and entertainment business. Additionally, she’s aiming to get the key on how to become a successful model.

As a model, she always gives a piece of advice to the young aspirants. She wants them ‘to be genuinely authentic and to always aim high but stay grounded.’ Moreover, Sef shares her advocacy in education,

I’d love advocating for the younger generation who is deprived of the opportunity to study,

Shining her way to the top

Exploring the kickoff to her modeling career, Sef proves herself to be a goal-digger. Also, with the edginess of her physique, she trains as a model to shine her way to the top.

In November 2019, I enrolled at Farah Models Camp and started training professionally,

She never mentioned a name when asked about her model inspiration, but she knows the attributes that she’s looking for.

As Sef describes, she loves models ‘who positively influence, who break boundaries, who make changes and think inclusively.’

Working hand-in-hand with passion and skills

With her powerful presence in the runway stage and studio, people see the diva within her. But, more than the glamour, professionalism is innate to her.

Aside from working as a customer service advisor in an American company, she also demonstrates masterpieces beyond her capabilities.

I love music and art, specifically I love to paint. I do content creation and livestreaming,

More than these talents, she loves ‘talking, meeting new people and making new friends.’

Waving to the modeling realm

Entering the lineup of Mark Models is indeed a fresh move for Sef. A realm to explore her creativity, inquisitiveness, and the authenticity she holds for.

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As she aims to officially start her venture in the modeling field, she’s ready to conquer a myriad of contracts.

Upon completing my camp training, it would be fantastic to land a modeling contract,

To know more about the Sef, take a look at her exquisite beauty by following her on social media.

For booking and inquiries call us at 0919.002.4458 and 0949.160.3801 or email us at markmodelsph@gmail.com.  You can follow our social media account on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Photographer | Arjay Neri
Videographer | Anthony Brillantes
Grooming | Steven Siao
Hair | John Robert Matre
Stylist | Nash August
Styling Associate Diana Tasha Claridad
Project Assistant James Bryan Moral
Studio  | VP Studio

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