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Trace Dela Cruz trailblazes the second wave of Mark Models


Trace Dela Cruz trailblazes the second wave of Mark Models

Venturing into the charismatic entertainment scene, Trace Dela Cruz flashes her unique features.

Debuting the second wave of the freshest faces in the Metro, Mark Models presents a unique look bagging her superb attributes and experiences.

Get ready to know Trace as she will be flaunting her best shots. She is available for test shoots, advertising, fashion, runway, and print ads bookings.

Trace is passionate about cooking and holds an interest in playing video games. More than this, she sees comfort in traveling, particularly in learning new things about the different places that she visits. For her, it’s always a wonderful experience to meet new people while on a trip.

Furthermore, she advocates inclusivity in everything. She believes that anyone can be a model regardless of size, height, and gender. As the standards in modeling transfigure, confidence would be the greatest asset.

“The modeling industry is getting diverse and changing every day, as long as you have the confidence to show everyone your own kind of beauty without harming anyone.”

Some people may also see her as snobbish just by taking a glimpse at her features. But as she said,

I guess it’s just my eyes that always look sleepy.

Her best experience

Trace is not a newbie when it comes to modeling. As a freelance model for two years, she knows that she’s meant to be an icon. Even though there were unfavorable times where she didn’t get bookings, it doesn’t stop her from trying.

Moreover, her interest in watching fashion shows on television started when she was young. Growing up, she also felt different from others because of her height. She shared,

“People think that I am weird because I walk like those models on the runway. I copied them so much that it became my normal walk.”

Her friends also encouraged her to visit a casting for a local fashion show. During this time, she realized that it was one of her best experiences. Even though she wasn’t able to get booked, it was a memorable one for her seeing the likeness among other models.

“I have met people like me (tall and skinny) and for once, I felt like this is the type of world where I belong. I kept trying to visit every go-see or castings as much as possible till I made it to some,”

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Striking her best poses, she also revealed that her model inspirations are Kendall Jenner and Indya Moore.

Till it pays off

As Trace ventures into the charismatic entertainment scene, she expects that it’s not going to be easy. She knows the ups and downs of her job.

“Life is made of challenges and those things are the ones that keep me going. Just try and try till it pays off!”

Lastly, she affirmed that she always wanted to take part in an agency that will represent her. She gives credence to Mark Models for providing her an opportunity to hone her potential and talents.

Take a glimpse on her social media as Trace prepares herself to be one of the best aces in the industry.

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Photographer | Mark Neto
Hair | Josh Austria
Studio  | VP Studio

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