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Ivana Skin Hydra After Glow: This skin care kit can gently hydrate your skin!

Ivana Skin Hydra After Glow: This skin care kit can gently hydrate your skin!

Ivana Skin Hydra Glow Skin Care Kit

Last February 2022, YouTube and TikTok influencer, Ivana Alawi launched her skincare line, Ivana Skin, on her channel. Her line includes skincare kits, bleaching scrubs and creams, soaps, and many other things!

And recently, my Mom has been buying some of her products, and I tried her ‘Ivana Skin Hydra After Glow‘ skincare kit. This led me to write this review as their first-time consumer which can be a guide for other skincare enthusiasts.

Ivana Skin Hydra After Glow: This skin care kit can gently hydrate your skin!

Photo Credits | Ivana Skin Hydra After Glow Premium Maintenance Kit

The skincare kit was enclosed inside a transparent, zippered bag where you could easily see the skincare products. It contains one 60 mL foam cleanser, collagen toner, one 15 mL vitamin C serum, and a 10g day cream.

Using the skincare kit for the first time

Using this is like doing your other skincare routine. Of course, cleansing your face is the first thing you’ll do. Just use two pumps when you wash your face using their foamy cleanser.

Next, I applied their toner. You can use disposable cotton or washable cotton pads when applying this. However, I prefer to use it using the cup of my hands and gently patting it on my face for my skin to easily absorb the product.

For the day, apply their ‘day cream’ onto your face after the toner to lock up all the goodness that this skincare kit has. And for the night, use two to three drops of their vitamin C serum and apply it on your face.

After using their kit for a week, I can already feel my face hydrated. Moreover, it has also improved the texture and appearance of my skin.

Their serum isn’t skin-irritating, unlike other vitamin C serums in the market. And this can testify that this skincare kit is gentle on the face. After all, hydrating your face is much more recommended in our country because the weather can wear out our skin’s hydration over time.

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Furthermore, Ivana Skin also sells Water Gel Sunscreen (with SPF 50) to protect the face from sunrays during the day

You can use their sunscreen to protect further and maintain your skin from harmful UV rays. Due to its water-like consistency, it feels lightweight on the face – as if you’re not wearing any product.

Photo Credits | Ivana Skin Water Gel Sunscreen

And because it’s a water gel sunscreen, this and the skincare kit can be an excellent combination to lock in all the hydration.

You can avail more of their products by watching Ivana’s TikTok live as they offer discounts and free shipping vouchers. Furthermore, you can also shop using your favorite e-commerce apps!

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