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Ivana Alawi to Launch Her Skincare Brand

Ivana Alawi to Launch Her Skincare Brand

Watch out! Moroccan-Filipino vlogger Ivana Alawi is about to release her skincare brand this February!

Aside from her enviable body figure, we are also jealous of her clear and glowing skin! It makes us wonder, what is Ivana’s secret?

Thankfully, the 25-year-old celebrity is kind enough to gift a little sweet treat for us this love month! Just recently, the social media influencer teased her fans about her new beauty line by asking, “Are you ready?” 

Moreover, Ivana has tagged the brand’s IG page on her recent post and added ‘CEO’ to her bio. 

Ivana Skin 

Reportedly, they have been keeping this hidden for several years. A few days ago, the brand posted a beautiful gold butterfly outline which seems to be their logo!

While there is no specific date yet, they keep us on our toes by letting us have a sneak peek at their possible products!

Looking closer at the background, we can anticipate the skincare basics that Ivana will possibly launch. Such as toners, moisturizers, and cleansers!

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Currently, Ivana has been working steadily on her already successful career by still making entertaining content on YouTube. 

As of writing, the social media personality has amassed almost 15 million subscribers on the said platform. Additionally, the gorgeous model graced the calendars of the liquor brand, Tanduay, last 2021. 

We cannot wait to see what’s in store for her this 2022!

To stay updated, follow her Instagram account and her skincare brand

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