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A Gentle Way to Love Your Skin is Through This New Skin Poem’s Reset Body Scrub

A Gentle Way to Love Your Skin is Through This New Skin Poem’s Reset Body Scrub

Our skin is just like our temple, regardless of its complexion we must allow it to experience the best care that it truly deserves. With that, finding the right skincare routine is crucial. As the summer season is about to end, we introduce you to Skin Poem’s Summer limited product which is their Gentle Reset Scrub.

Formulated with finely grounded volcanic and corundum minerals, this product claims to unclog pores, gently exfoliates dead skin, and brightens the skin. Moreover, what’s interesting about this body scrub is that it has added cooling crystals that will tightens our pores, and helps bring down body temperature due to summer heat as well.

When we hear body scrubs, what comes first to our mind is that it’s just an exfoliator disguising itself as a cream,  whereas it only has the ability to slough away dead, decongested skin. There is a difference between scrubs and exfoliators. However, there’s something new you need to know about Skin Poem’s Gentle Reset Scrub. We are counting down to its good effect on our skin.


When you consider adding body scrub like this one as part of your routine, come to know that aside from its exfoliation benefit, it will also improve your skin smoothness. 


As you gently rub it on your skin in a circular motion, you also help regulate blood circulation which is extremely important to your skin, it will give your skin an added boost of oxygen that will help eliminate dullness in the long run.

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We should not just aim simply for a glowing skin, but a healthy glowing skin. With that said, the best way for us to achieve that is through this Gentle Reset Scrub; this is the perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate your skin leaving it healthy and glowing.


If you want to experience a relaxing spa-like  treatment at the comfort of your home, having this product in your beauty rack is all that you need. Especially if you’re a busy person who no longer has the time to go to Beauty Spa to pamper yourself. Because of its cooling effect, you can surely boost your skin-energy, especially during this dry season.

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