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INSTAGRAM RAID: Darren Espanto is your Kuya material with his #EspantasticSiblings posts

INSTAGRAM RAID: Darren Espanto is your Kuya material with his #EspantasticSiblings posts

Darren Espanto has been known for his mind-blowing performances that will keep you admiring his talent. A total performer indeed and there is no doubt that he was tagged now as the “Asia’s Pop Heartthrob.” But aside from his Pop prominence supremacy, another side of Darren you may not know yet is about to unveil.

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Throughout the success of his career, his sister, Lynelle, is his most constant supporter. Ever since, he has been very vocal about how much he loves his sister. In these Instagram posts with his sister, Darren will enduringly touch our hearts for it shouts the real definition of genuine cuteness overload.

Here’s a glimpse of several times Darren proved that he is a Kuya material:

Darren, just being bubbly with Lynelle

In random posts, Darren and Lynelle shared their most genuine smiles and snaps with the simple joys they had. Lynelle’s undeniable charm easily captivated the hearts of Darren’s followers. Throughout the years, people have seen how much growth Lynelle had undergone. Feeling old yet with how Darren’s cute little sister suddenly became a fine young lady in a snap.

Travel galore

Espanto family really loves to travel. A Darrenatic myself could testify how much their family loves to spend their spare time traveling together. In these photos, you would definitely appreciate the simple rejoice that traveling brings to the #Espantastic Family.

Sweet birthday greetings

Darren consistently includes a slot to his aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed a birthday greeting for his only sibling, Lynelle. He would post random pictures of them together with a sweet caption that will surely touch his followers’ hearts.

Let’s sing together!

Just like D’ Total Performer Darren Espanto, his little sister Lynelle also has a thing to offer in singing. In fact, her collaboration of the song “A Whole New World” with his brother, Darren, was well-appreciated by the netizens. Lynelle truly has the voice of an Angel on their cover.

Hopping on TikTok trends

Definitely, Darren and his sister would not get along well without trying the TikTok trends. Showcasing so much swag, Lynelle proved to everyone that she is also a great dancer herself. With the majestic beat of TikTok trends you would how much vibe the #Espantastic siblings shared.

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Vlogging in Tandem

For the very least of Darren’s time, he used to upload vlogs on his YouTube channel. On this platform, the #Espantastic siblings would share a lot of cuteness and good vibes. Lynelle being massively part of Darren’s vlog is the cutest thing you have to witness!

#Espantastic Christmas Celebration

Espanto family spending their Christmas is a much-awaited occasion for the Darrenatics out there. Green hearts of his fans would scream a lot to see how much happy Darren is in spending his Christmas every year. Of course, Lynelle herself would play a huge role in making Darren and his whole family happy. Their togetherness and being genuine would really be shown in every Christmas photo they take. No doubt that it is every Darrenatics’ dream to be able to spend Christmas with Espanto family.

D’ Espantastic Siblings might not have been always together, but Darren’s bond to his sister will always be the most authentic thing you will see on the internet. Truly, Darren is a Kuya material every little sister could ever ask for.

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