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Sarah Geronimo’s Duyan #OneBreathChallenge will leave you breathless

Sarah Geronimo’s Duyan #OneBreathChallenge will leave you breathless

Filipinos definitely love to take every challenge with so much courage! Even with trends such as the ‘one breath challenge’ on TikTok were seriously taken by music lovers with so much passion. Sarah Geronimo’s “Duyan” is the current trend that Filipinos hopped into making the song even more remarkable.

Sarah G’s massive come back

Screengrab from Duyan – Sarah Geronimo [Official Performance Video] | YouTube

Truly, Sarah Geronimo, the Popstar Royalty herself proved to everyone that comebacks have never been this sweet before! With the current breakthrough of her 2018 hit single Duyan, Sarah G. has proven that her highness is timeless.

Sarah G. served everyone with her limitless vocal prowess along with her nerve-wracking dance movements. This is after she performed her 2018 hit single entitled Duyan at “ASAP Natin ‘To” stage marking her return to the music scene. After the said performance, Popsters all over the world rejoiced as Duyan surely stayed in their heads rent-free.

Photo Credit: Rappler

Aside from her much talked-about live performance, Sarah G. released an official performance video for the song. She uniquely associated the beat of the song to her angsty movements climbing a stair with lights. Many of her supporters appreciated the performance video and made her comeback even more memorable.

Sarah G. coming back to the ASAP Natin ‘To stage is definitely Popsters’ best plot twist of 2022! Afterward, covers, renditions, and even the one breath challenge thing conquered the way!

Duyan’s #OneBreathChallenge now a thing on TikTok

Among the covers uploaded on TikTok, these three interpretations are my personal favorites. These interpreters proved that the Duyan one-breath challenge is not as easy as you could imagine it is. This only proves that Sarah G’s versatility is long living and she did not became the Philippine Pop Princess for nothing.

Fame Gomez

@itsfamegomez | TikTok

The Clash Season 4 contender, Fame Gomez proved that she is obviously a top Clasher after nailing her Duyan interpretation. Her cover went viral and got applauded by the TikTok community.

Elaine Duran


Tongue Twister po ata ito Ms. SG 🥲❤️ #fyp

♬ original sound – Elaine Duran – Elaine Duran
@elaineduranreal | TikTok

Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 3 grand champion herself, Elaine Duran on the other hand, proved that she is the master of riffs and runs as she even tweaked the song on her one breath challenge video.

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Josh Labing-isa

@joshlabingisa | TikTok

Lastly, TNT Season 5 quarter-finalist and Polaris artist Josh Labing-isa, has proven to the TikTok world that he could ace the challenge effortlessly with his vocal calisthenics. Having his most accurately on-point riffs and runs, his video has gone viral too.

Duyan as millennials’ contest piece

The song of the season even made it to national TV singing contests like “Tawag ng Tanghalan.” There, three remarkable performances were applauded by the netizens.

Eufritz Santos | Duyan | Tawag ng Tanghalan | YouTube
Randolph Bondoc | Duyan | Tawag ng Tanghalan | YouTube
Jezza Quiogue sings Duyan | YouTube

It definitely is a make-or-break song for a contender to sing given the strong breathing support it requires. But certainly, for Eufritz Santos, Randolph Bondoc, and Jezza Quioje, the song became their stepping stone to get further in the competition.

OPM’s LSS of the season

Undeniably, Duyan resembles the new and fresh sound of OPM. There is no doubt that Sarah G. is the hitmaker of all season with her majestic songs. Years after Duyan was released, 2022 would certainly be the season for the song.

Sway comfortably with Duyan’s impeccable melody. Ever heard of the one-breath challenge yet? Be one with the trend and find yourself catching your breath with its challenging verses.

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