‘I Love Lizzy’ Movie Review: Does he really?

Mavx Productions, in partnership with Star Magic, proudly presents another romantic film to hit the cinemas this month of January! I Love Lizzy officially held its red carpet and premiere night on January 6, 2023, at TriNoma, Cinema 5. Directed by RC delos Reyes, who introduces his cast and his work prior to showing, with a follow-up Q&A afterward. Exclusive guests highly anticipated what I Love Lizzy has to offer.

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They are not your typical love story. Starring Barbie Imperial (Lizzy) and Carlo Aquino (Jeffrey), the pair embark on a journey that will touch the viewers’ hearts. The film follows seminarian Jeff taking a vacation in Bicol and meets Balay Elizabeth’s resident tour guide, Lizzy. Aside from the budding romance between the two, the movie tackles emotional breakthroughs, self-reflection, and new beginnings. The birth of a new chemistry — this was the first big project the two main cast worked together on.

SPOILER ALERT: This article might contain spoilers from the movie I Love Lizzy.

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Shy seminarian meets the dazzling drunkard in town

When the first scene opens with Jeff roaming around the chapel, I can already tell it begins with his POV. As it moves forward, I develop a hunch that he is a reserved seminarian, probably due to his nature. But soon after, he can’t resist Lizzy’s charms, and slowly opens up to her; which I find endearing. Imagine a devoted man, who spent his life solely on worshiping God, suddenly paying attention to your drunk self? Carlo nailed that perfect role for a romantic sacrificial recipe!

Lizzy is a well-known party-goer in their town; with her friends, she is the epitome of happy-go-lucky. The first impression of her must have been that she got an uncontrollable alcoholic addiction. Eventually, we learn that deep inside, there is an unresolved past that slowly unveils as she opens up. Barbie portrays her character so well that at some point, I even thought she must be a true heavy drinker. She is such a natural at this!

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Their blooming chemistry

Honestly, huge kudos to Carlo and Barbie for playing their respective roles very well. The friendly banters and heavy tension exchanged between the two got me giggling and kicking my feet throughout the film. Although I have to admit, the development of their relationship was quite fast-paced, who cares? The screams and tears everyone shed inside the cinema speak volumes about their chemistry.

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A refreshing cinematography

The setting feels like a breath of fresh air; considering the location was shot in a rural area — makes sense. The green scenery and lively nature surrounding them bring color to my eyes as they explore the beauty of Bicol. The famous Mayon Volcano shining in its glory is the cherry on top. Lizzy, the tour guide utilizes her job as she introduces the wonders of Albay through her brief yet educational descriptions.

Additionally, the musical background fits every scene. You either get the energetic tune between Jeff and Lizzy’s teasing or the dramatic music for their heavy moments. Led by the official soundtrack, Paraluman, symbolizes the two characters’ romantic highlights.

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What is ‘love’ in I Love Lizzy?

After the credits rolled, there was one question left in the back of my mind. What was the inspiration behind the title? At first, it did not make sense to me, until something clicked inside. This film teaches love, not only the romantic type, but also love for family, friends, dreams, and faith, above all. Love is universal; love is for everyone.

When fate tests your faith… the love between Jeff and Lizzy is challenged in front of the Lord. Together, they try to face the consequences until it leads them up to the very end. How strong is their love, despite only knowing each other throughout Jeff’s staycation in Albay? Is it strong enough to risk and leave everything behind, especially for Jeff, who’s on his way to the priesthood?

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I Love Lizzy — Does he really? Or was he just in love with the thought of taking a break from his familiar zone surrounding his religion? To meet someone opposite to your common bubble is something that brings another type of excitement that you couldn’t withstand. Is Jeff willing and ready to face all of that for love?

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Well, that’s for you to find out the rest! Don’t miss this chance to fall in love with the characters and life lessons you’ll catch along the way. I Love Lizzy officially premiers in your local cinemas starting January 18, 2023!

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