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5 Celebrities With Their Chic Co-ords And Fashion Combos

5 Celebrities With Their Chic Co-ords And Fashion Combos

Our mind is thinking about the time that we could go back and be stylish again, hoping that one day, we can actually go out and wear our all time favorite combos from our closet. And yes, we all actually miss going out and dressing up for something. Some of us go outside for a quick grocery run or work, they actually wear their fave combo pieces. But how about us at home? Who are craving to wear co-ords? Let’s just hope that everything will be okay soon so we could go all back to normal again. Here are five Filipina celebrities who take their fashion so chic and clean.

Kathryn Bernardo

Starting this list with the one and only Kathryn Bernardo. Wearing a Khaki co-ords matched with a white inner wear. Well, I’m on board!

Erich Gonzales

Erich Gonzales smoothly matches her outfit with a neutral color blocking. Wearing A cream co-ords matched up with a white inner wear and white shoes.

Janella Salvador

Wearing a white over-all with a brown blazer, giving us a superbly edgy look.

co-ordsGabbi Garcia

Indeed, Gabbi made this look more strikingly clean at the same time sharp. Wearing a striped co-ords and a white bralette inner wear.


Nadine Lustre

Nadine’s all black outfit, giving us edgy and streetwear vibe.  Wearing a black blazer and trousers and her black bra inner wear. With an Off White belt to complete the look.


These five celebrities truly made their matching combos and co-ords more chic than ever. So for now, let’s dream that we could wear again these kinds of combos real soon. As early as now, plan your look to be more edgy and chic-ness overload.

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