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My favorite Ed Sheeran song is actually unreleased

My favorite Ed Sheeran song is actually unreleased

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In one of my heartbreaks, Ed Sheeran helped me process the heartbreaking events with one of his songs. I stumbled upon it while scrolling through my Youtube home page. After a few weeks, I searched for it again but the video was taken down.

According to some sources, the song was sung by Ed Sheeran live only once. Unfortunately, it was not part of any albums or EP. But this didn’t ‘stop ‘Miss You‘ from being a fan favorite.

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About the Song

I think the narrative of the story is about a man who was cheated on and is on the verge of calling it quits. But he received a message from his girlfriend that she misses him. The lyrics described what the man feels as if narrating the man’s thoughts and emotions as he remembers what happened in the past. But he can’t seem to move forward from the situation.

These lyrics, together with the melody just hit differently. I have felt a deep and special connection to this song. Of all of Ed Sheeran’s released songs, this one just shatters my heart into a million pieces. The story may not be the same (for it was young love) but the song described how I was feeling when I was down at that chapter in my life. The song painfully described what I am feeling. I deeply related to it. 

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Hauntingly and Beautifully Written

After moving on from what happened, I still listen to the song. It was captivatingly written to accompany you on those nights you yearn for that special person in your life.  Like a friend that comforts you, after something terrible happened. And that friend is just letting you feel all your emotions and letting it all out. 

Unfortunately, the song is still unreleased. But who knows one day, maybe Ed Sheeran will rerecord it and make it available on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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