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IG RAID: The Magical World Through The Lenses Of Aly Almario

IG RAID: The Magical World Through The Lenses Of Aly Almario

Are you one of those teenagers who have spent their high school years reading an eBook on your phone? If yes, then you sure have heard of alyloony. Yes, that’s right! Alyssa “Aly” Almario, or widely-known as alyloony, have made our youth magical, and is continuing to make the world magical through her lenses.

Aly Almario and how she made our teenage years complete

If your teenage years was filled with giddiness and romance even if you’re single, surely, you have read alyloony‘s stories. Yes, Aly Almario is one of our favorite Wattpad writers under the username alyloony. She is famous for her stories such as “My Prince“, “Operation: Break The Casanova’s Heart“, “The Other Side“, and “Lucid Dream“, among others. She’s the brain behind our favorite characters such as Arcie Morales, Naomi Mikael Perez, and of course, who would be able to forget Star Six from Prince Academy? Her stories made us roll around our beds with matching banging on the walls due to happiness, but also made us wet our pillows with tears.

Needless to say that Aly have made our teenage years more fun than it was. However, the fun and inspiration doesn’t stop there as Aly is still making our lives more special through her aesthetics.


Books are life, but who says they’re just for reading? They are also the best object to be put on an Instagram Feed. Books just make a photo a whole lot more aesthetic, and Aly’s #bookstagram posts are here to prove that for you! Talk about intelligence and beauty, eh? Books have it all!

Aly and KPOP, but make it *aesthetic*

Aly is a fan of the KPOP boy group, BTOB. But aside from them, she also owns a couple of merch from other KPOP groups. And of course, what better way to show off your love for your ult group than to post the merch that you have or your conecert experiences? Aly takes merch-posting to a whole different level by making them visually-pleasing! Indeed, KPOP is a place of visuals!

Coffee is life, of course

When coffee is your life, your Instagram Feed tends to be aesthetically-pleasing too! Even if it’s just a quick morning coffee break, Aly is an expert in making it look like it was taken out of a magazine! How much more if it’s from a café or coffee shop? No coffee can ever escape the magic of Aly’s lenses!

Travel the world with Aly

Haven’t been to any country outside your own? Let Aly’s Instagram Feed be your next travel inspiration! She nails every shots in every country, which just makes it feel as if you’re there too! Her travel photos will get you booking your next out-of-town flight! Ready to travel the world with Aly?

The biggest Potterhead

It is never a secret that Aly is the biggest Potterhead, as seen as well on her Instagram! From visiting the Wizarding World to just showing her books or collectibles, it’s just so magical! Even without having to go to Hogwarts, the magic is already in her Feed. Well, what did I say—Aly really is making our worlds magical!

And the protagonist of her world, Aly herself

Just as she’s so talented in making every photos of things and places beautiful, she never fails to have art-like photos of herself as well. May it be just a photo of her at home or traveling somewhere, it becomes a masterpiece. It is rare for self-portraits to fit in in a very aesthetic Instagram Feed, but Aly makes it effortless! Really, what can this girl not do? The arts and the artist? Both a masterpiece!

Ready for your next IG Inspo? Follow Aly now!

“Aesthetics”, “beautiful”, or even the word “artistic” are all understatements when it comes to Aly’s Feed. Just when we thought Aly couldn’t make our lives prettier than with her stories, here comes her Instagram. It’s like looking at a magazine, a storybook, and a painting in one! Talent in writing, photography, editing, and more—there’s nothing more you can ask for! If you need a little bit of color and breathtaking photos in your life, go and follow @iamalyloony now!

And we’re done with another Instagram Raid! Which among Aly’s photos will be your next peg? How would you rate the aesthetics (although I know it will exceed the scale) of her Feed? Let us know!

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