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INSTAGRAM RAID: How to look like a “Chikana” by Paula Pelaez

INSTAGRAM RAID: How to look like a “Chikana” by Paula Pelaez

Paula Pelaez is a content creator who can help you achieve a “chikana” look.

Did you get to the point that you hate yourself for being unattractive? Do you have low self-esteem because of your acne, pores, blackheads, and anything that doesn’t look nice on your face? Have you ever wished to have fair and flawless skin so you will feel confident to dress up?

You need not worry because our Chikana girl can help you with her makeup skills! And of course, the awesome self-esteem that she has can surely inspire you to be confident with who you are.

Remember, you are beautiful. The cosmetic products are just there to enhance and create an impact on your beauty.

Paula’s Instagram account is @paupelaez_.

The Power of Confidence

The first step to becoming beautiful, just like those famous artists, is to accept yourself and love your flaws. No one is flawless, right? I mean, we just don’t know the flaw of other people but I’m sure they have their own insecurity just like you do. It just so happens that they know how to handle it.

Paula Pelaez is a content creator. She is posting her make-up vids on her social media accounts, mainly on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Reel. Her content is about how to look like a “chikana” and slay every makeup look.

In her every content, you can see how much she encourages everyone to love themselves. She is always reminding everyone that they are beautiful. It is never too late to enhance your own beauty with the power of confidence and makeup.

She is not afraid of showing her bare face because she knows her worth and that is an attractive character of her, isn’t it?

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Be A “Chikana”

“Chikana” is a slang term for being a head turner. Some people call it “chicks” which means great-looking woman.

Posting her after-make-up look gathers a lot of attention from her fans. People appreciate how good she is at applying cosmetics to her face.

Paula Pelaez is confident in mixing different kinds of palettes and applying them to herself. She is doing a step-by-step makeup tutorial so people can also try to do it themselves.

Being a Chikana is not just about wearing makeup. It is about believing in yourself and having the confidence to show the world that you are beautiful in your own way.

Check Paula’s Instagram account and learn how to be a chikana of your own!

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