Iconic TV Moments that defined Pinoy Pop Culture

Iconic TV Moments that defined Pinoy Pop Culture

Lights, camera, nostalgia! The television has brought unlimited entertainment into our homes. It has also led to some of the most memorable moments in Philippine TV history. From wild game shows to heart-stopping teleserye twists, our TV screens have witnessed it all. Grab a bowl of popcorn as we relive the most famous TV moments in Pinoy pop culture!

Mang Tani and the ‘Yes Josie’ Incident

Mang Tani, GMA’s resident meteorologist, had the entire country erupting with laughter with his hilarious mix-up on live TV. When asked for updates about tropical depression Josie, Mang Tani replied to anchor Jun Veneracion: “Yes Josie! Ay, Josie tuloy. Yes Jun!”

Then, Mang Tani tried his best to stifle his laughter and continued with the weather report. Such professionalism!

Marian Rivera’s cover of ‘Unfaithful’ by Rihanna

CORE MEMORY: Marian Rivera’s rendition of this iconic hit leaves us in a state of bewildered amusement. Her cover comes with a delightful twist—the lyrics seem to have taken on a life of their own! It’s as if Marian Rivera wandered through a musical maze and joyfully lost herself along the way.

Face to Face Tortang Talong-Menudo Episode

In what can only be described as the “ultimate bardagulan” episode of Face to Face with Tiyang Amy, two neighbors engage in a heated argument on live TV. The dispute erupts when Rosalina notices her tortang talong missing and proceeds to accuse Rowena of stealing it. Ultimately, the altercation was a birth of a viral catchphrase we can still sometimes hear until today.

Pinagbibintangan mo akong nagnakaw ng tortang talong, samantalang ang ulam ko ay Menudo?!

Rowena Riferzo, 2010

Kim Chiu and Enchong Dee’s Dance Performance on ASAP

If you’re having a bad day, this video might just do the trick for you! The steam-filled dance performance by Enchong Dee and Kim Chiu turned into a fumble when Enchong accidently grazed Kim on the head with a misplaced cartwheel. He lost his footing on a difficult lift seconds later, ruining several perfectly executed choreography. He fell backwards and ultimately dropped his partner on the floor — hard.

Listen look, Listen Learn

This video from the Raffy Tulfo in Action series is definitely one for the books! The meme originated from a series of videos based on the complaint of Russian national Manar, against her house maid, Jocelle for allegedly scamming her. Jocelle came forward in an attempt to face the allegations, and her interview birthed not only one, but multiple of the most memorable lines that surfaced the internet.

The truth will set be free.

Jocelle Inocencio, 2019

Liza’s Fake Injury Gets Exposed

In this iconic video, we follow the story of Liza in the television drama ‘FlordeLiza’. Recently, she obtained an “injury” after claiming that Flor pushed her down the stairs. However, things take an unexpected turn when her own mother’s best friend, Rona, catches her in the act of doing cartwheels, revealing that her injury was all a lie. The video captures the moment of truth, highlighting the humorous and awkward interaction between Liza and Rona.

Jane, Wanda…

Whether you just went through a failed relationship, or you are yet to be in one, this Rufa Mae line had everyone resonating with it at some point in their lives. But SPOILER ALERT (both in the movie and IRL): you’ll have your own kind of a happy ending, whether it be with someone or just finding solitude within yourself. 😉

Random Sleeping Lady

You can only imagine the bewilderment private driver Julius Decena felt when a random lady with a kid proceeded to enter his van. When demanded she disembarked the vehicle, the lady abruptly declined and even went so far as to fall asleep inside. When asked by authorities if she was asleep, her internet-famous response was, “Obvious ba?”

These iconic TV moments have become the cornerstone of Pinoy pop culture, etching themselves into the hearts and minds of viewers across the nation. They have transcended mere television episodes to become shared experiences that evoke nostalgia, spark conversations, and unite generations. These moments serve as a poignant reminder of how something so unexpected can turn into comedic gold, thus making it an unforgettable chapter in Pinoy pop culture history.

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