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Get to know these Pinoy pop boy and girl groups raising the PH flags!

Get to know these Pinoy pop boy and girl groups raising the PH flags!

Heads up, Pinoys! Meet these Pinoy pop boy and girl groups in the country raising our flags. From BGYO to Alamat to BINI, these groups debuted this year after rigorous training under their entertainment agencies.

Get to know these Pinoy pop boy and girl groups raising the PH flags!



Pronounced B-G-Y-O, their name stands for Be the change, Go further, You and I, and Originally Filipino. The members include JL Toreliza (19) and Akira Morishita (19) as the vocalists. Meanwhile, Mikki Claver (18) and Gelo Rivera (19) are on the rap line. Nate Porcalla (17), on the other hand, serves as their main dancer.

They debuted under Star Magic at ABS-CBN under Star Hunt Academy with management head Laurenti Dyogi this year. The group was formed in 2018 and had training for two years under Korean and Filipino notable coaches.

On January 9, the group also held an online fan concert titled Be The Light. They performed their debut single, The Light, a song that revolves around mental health and academic burnout. The song also highlighted self-love, empowerment, and hope.

Even though the group just debuted this year, BGYO claimed the second spot on Billboards’ Next Big Sound List, serving as chart-ranking artists who accelerated fastest among all music platforms during the past week. Aside from that, they also released the official soundtrack of the Wattpad remake, He’s Into Her.

Fans are looking forward to the journey of the group. Bring the pride of the country BGYO!


Manila Bulletin

Alamat debuted last February 14, 2021, after 9 months of training. The members include vocalist Gami (19), R-Ji (22), and Kin (21). Then, the dance line has Taneo (21), Jao (19), and Tomas (23). And finally the rap line Valfer (21), Mo (19), and Alas (20) as members. However, even the members have a position in the group, all of them can sing, dance and some can rap too.

They came from different regions in the country, having no connection to each other. Yet, they work together as one. Members came from Bohol, Eastern Samar, Quezon City, Kalinga, Pampanga, Albay, Negros Occidental, Zambales, and Davao City. Viva managed the group and remains under the Ninuno Media with filmmaker Jason Paul Laxamana.

Meanwhile, the group offers songs in different native languages in the Philippines, which made this group unique. Alamat promised to offer you a Filipino music experience with the country’s dialects song lyrics. Kbye as their debut single was a song with different local languages. This song will prove to listeners those native languages in one song fit well.

Just like BGYO, Alamat also took the 2nd spot in Billboard’s Next Big Sound List.


Pinoy Pop Girl Group BINI
Inquirer Entertainment

Another group of lucky aspiring artists shone at Star Hunt Academy. Pinoy pop group BINI officially debuted under ABS CBN Star Magic last June 4, 2021. A girl group consisting of 8 members: Colet (19), Maloi (18) as main vocalists while Jhoanna (16) serve as the lead vocalist. Then, Sheena (16) the main dancer, Stacey (17), and Mikha (16) as lead dancers. For the rappers of the group: Gwen as a lead rapper (17) then Aiah (20) sub rapper.

Again, even the members have their own position in the band they still can sing, dance and rap too. Their talents were showcased in their debut song Born To Win. Just like the groups mentioned above, BINI also underwent training with the help of MC Doctor of Korean Training System and Direk Lauren Dyogi of Pinoy Training system with Star Hunt.

Additionally, this Pinoy pop girl group also released a pre-debut song last 2020 entitled Da Coconut Nut which made their Born To Win their second debut song. BINI performed their Da Coconut Nut at It’s Showtime last 2020, amazing the audience. Their recorded performance went viral and garnered a lot of positive comments.

Bloom, BINI’s fandom name, and other netizens root for this group’s success. 

As long as it keeps the fire alive, they prove that music has no language. Keep the volume up and let’s forward to these band’s journey as they continue to wave our flags. Mabuhay Pilipinas! Angat, P-pop!

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