How To Wear Oversized Blazers, according to these Filipino actresses

The thing about an oversized blazer would be that anyone can pull it off. If people still follow fashion rules, they would believe that these kinds of clothing would drown the wearer’s frame. It’s 2021. People can now wear whatever they want. We’ve seen Filipino actresses wear it on their Instagram profiles. With that said, I’ve looked through their accounts and sought out my ten favorite looks.

How To Wear Oversized Blazers, according to these Filipino actresses

AC Bonifacio

AC wore a deep blue oversized blazer with a pair of trousers of a similar hue. She also accessorized it, putting a double-layered chain on the loop of her trousers. Instead of a full-sized shirt, she wore a bralette that showed off her impressive abdomen. Aside from that, she completed her look with a high ponytail and a pair of comfy Jordans.

Heart Evangelista

Heart had an olive green pinstripe suit. She also wore a bralette like AC did. However, instead of going for a street style, she went for a more sultry look.

Janella Salvador

Janella wore a white skintight bell-bottomed jumpsuit. Then, she wore a tan oversized blazer over her shoulders. Aside from that, she accessorized with layered gold necklaces and and a pair of hoop earrings.

Janine Gutierrez

Janine, on the other hand, went for a more masculine approach. She wore a white button-up and layered it up with a dark blue vest under a checkered oversized blazer. She also accessorized with a red and dark blue necktie and a pair of hoop earrings. Of course, she completed her look with a pair of tan-beige trousers.

Julia Baretto

Meanwhile, Julia had a more daring approach. She goes braless and wore a greyish light blue oversized blazer. Then, she partnered it with similar-colored trousers. She put her hair in a high bun and had natural make-up on her face.

Kate Valdez

Kate, on the other hand, looked professional in her look. She had a cotton top underneath her matching oversized blazer and trousers. Then, she put her hair in a low ponytail with a few tendrils that framed her face.

Kathryn Bernardo

Meanwhile, Kathryn had a more relaxed look in earthy tones. She wore a beige buttoned-up vest and a pair of brown flowy trousers. Then, she had a forest green oversized blazer. She completed her look with a pair of Birkenstocks, a brown handbag, and a black mask.

Liza Soberano

Liza, on the other hand, went for a more badass look. She wore matching skintight athletic leisurewear underneath an oversized leather blazer. Although she wore a pair of stilettos in this outfit, it would look more badass in a pair of platform combat boots.

Maine Mendoza

Just like Kate, Maine went for a professional look. She had a beige-tan suit with a black top underneath. Then, she completed her look with a pair of strappy stilettos.

Vivoree Esclito

Vivoree, on the other hand, had a sweetheart look. She had a white mock turtleneck dress with frills on its hem. She wore a lavender oversized blazer and completed it with a layered pearl white necklace.

Which one is your favorite look?

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