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Predicting 2021 Fashion Trends And How To Style It

Predicting 2021 Fashion Trends And How To Style It

As we put 2020 behind us, we look towards 2021 and focus on a whole new set of major fashion trends that awaits us. Thinking about the future might seem daunting as we think about whether or not this pandemic will actually end this year. Let’s put ourselves at ease and feel excited for a new year and new wardrobe. Following such a tumultuous year, people became more conscious of how they dress as they focus on comfort and versatility.

Predicting 2021 Fashion Trends And How To Style It

Second-Skin Tops

This versatile basic is anything but basic. Second-skin tops are one of the standout trends for the season ahead. Spotted on Spring/Summer 2021 collections from designers like Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Marine Serre, this piece can be worn in so many variations. You can layer it underneath or wear it with loose trousers, denim jeans, or miniskirts.

Sweater Vests

The sweater vest isn’t going anywhere (especially, since Harry Styles and Phoebe Waller-Bridge wore matching ones for the music video Treat People With Kindness). It’s effortlessly chic and will elevate boring trousers or skirts with an academia aesthetic. Plus, the voice of youth – Tiktok – has given us thousands of videos of fashion fans showing us all how to style sweater vests.

Loose Trousers

There were tons of loose and baggy trousers on Spring/Summer 2021 runways. It always has a chill and devil-may-care vibe that we can all use more of this year. The baggy trousers dictate a more relaxed silhouette, especially if it’s paired with soft palettes. Of course, this also dictates how the pandemic has made us wear more comfortable pieces than we used to.


Hemlines crept even higher on Spring/Summer 2021 runways, most notably at Miu Miu. These microscopic, barely-there miniskirts paired with short-sleeved knits will surely transport you back to the ’60s. Aside from that, pleated miniskirts will be everywhere thanks to Tiktok, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can wear it with a loose and baggy top or a cropped one to show off the abs that you’ve worked for during the lockdown.

Knit Polos

Knit polos will enter the spotlight in an even greater way this year. It’s one of the pieces where you can try a few different silhouettes as an easy way to bring that modern sophisticated vibe.

Knit/Crocheted Bra Top

With comfort dressing at the forefront of everyone’s wardrobe, the knit/crocheted bra top became a modern take on pieces that can be dressed up or down. You can wear it underneath a cardigan or over a casual white T-shirt or with denim jeans, or however you want it. You can easily integrate these cozy bras into your everyday wardrobe.


The ’90s throwback may be the ultimate spring-and-summer pick-me-up for 2021. Platform flip flops are so in! Throw together with a slip dress, or denim shorts, or a romper and it can be an effortless look. Especially since we live in a tropical country and the temperature is expected to rise, flatforms are a sure way to go.

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