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Dress like Vivoree Esclito: Steal these 5 stylish outfits

Dress like Vivoree Esclito: Steal these 5 stylish outfits

Aside from an artist’s TV shows, movies, and even YouTube videos, social media has become a vital platform to show their real selves and to connect with their fans worldwide. Scroll through your Instagram and you will see their photos that show their more ‘personal’ side. People follow a celebrity on social media because they want to get real-time updates and to feed their eyes with stunning OOTD’s of the stars. In this article, we listed down our top picks of the stylish outfits from the Instagram of Vivoree Esclito. Take note, you might want to steal these looks.

Dress like Vivoree Esclito: Steal these 5 stylish outfits

Blazer with ‘Oomph’

Today’s empowered women love to wear power suits or stylish blazers. Well, Vivoree knows how to serve looks and charm! She looks glamorous in her lavender oversized blazer paired with a white mini dress.


Lazy stylish

Wearing a lazy outfit would always be a perfect choice in cozy weather. Just like Vivoree, you can still be stylish while wearing your cardigan and all-white comfy ensemble.


Classic Feminine

One of the most classic feminine looks is the combination of a knitted soft-colored top and a maxi tulle skirt. To add more sass, pair it with bright-colored nail polish.

Little Black Dress

LBDs can give you a laidback, yet still put-together look. Every woman should have a black dress that only requires a little amount of effort yet serve elegance and class.

Getting sassy with straight-cut denim pants

Who says straight-cut denim pants is out of style? You might want to get some tips from Vivoree on how to wear it with class.

What’s your favorite Vivoree outfit? Comment down below!

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