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Replace Your Skinny Jeans With These Two Denim Styles

Replace Your Skinny Jeans With These Two Denim Styles

Recently, the skinny jeans trend started to receive negativity. Generation Z even called for its cancellation on TikTok while millennials fought for its continuation. What used to be people’s staple for a fail-safe outfit now makes people feel lumpy and overexposed. As people get older, they don’t care about showing off skinny legs or figure-hugging clothing. However, many do agree that we should encourage to get read of it in favor of these five alternatives.


Replace Your Skinny Jeans With These Two Denim Styles

The denim styles at the moment are moving away from slick silhouettes to more relaxed and voluminous. It kinda makes sense for a lot of reasons. If you want to get out skinny jeans, it would be very hard. Aside from that, relaxed figures look more elegant. But where did it all go wrong? Well, jeggings ruined them. As soon as they started tainting the denim and putting in too much stretch, it became trashy.


Our perception of what looks cool has shifted. From high street to high end, brands expand their jeans offering. Because we simply buy more and more and we no longer buy skinny jeans since Levi’s best-selling style would be the 501s. Plus, the influence of street style remains undeniable. Then, the result would be seeing trends emerge upwards from the street to influence designers – rather than the other way around.

LEVI 501s


Baggy jeans have a cool factor to them that makes everything feel fresh but chill. Of course, this would include the simplest wardrobe basics, t-shirts, hoodies, blazers, and everything else in your closet. It becomes an ideal look when you’re doing lowkey stuff like hanging at home, taking a stroll, or going to the grocery store. Aside from that, the slouchy shape looks closer to the remorse you feel after one too many snacks… that still looks flattering.


Flared jeans are perfect for every body type. If you’re curvy, the jean’s signature bell-shape hems offer balance for wider hips while making your legs look longer. Meanwhile, those with boyish shapes can wear these to create the illusion of curves. Of course, it also feels nostalgic for the 70s as it plays up with the bohemian-chic vibe for concerts and parties. Style them with polished pieces for the office or dress up your flare jeans for a date night out.

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