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Hair color products that you could buy on Shopee 9.9

Hair color products that you could buy on Shopee 9.9

Are you the type of person who loves to dye her hair? Even as a hobby or as a coping mechanism when you get stressed? If you are, you may be the type of person who waits for monthly sales on Shopee! 

DIY hair coloring can save you money and time. Also, it’s a bit thrilling to see the result of your hair! So, if you need a retouch or want to spice up your hair, check out the list of hair color products that have discounted this Shopee 9.9!

1. FRESH Hairlab Milk Color Crème

Original Price: P259

9.9 Shopee Sale: 50 pesos off for min. P500

A Filipino brand, FRESH, offers affordable but high-quality products to the market. Recently, they started to explore hair color products— releasing the FRESH Hairlab Milk Color Crème Milk Tea series. You can choose from four shades of colors: Oreo Pearl Tea (Medium Brown), Okinawa Toffee (Light Golden Blonde), Hokkaido Milk Tea (Light Ash Brown), and Wintermelon Tea (Light Ash Blonde).

This really has great feedback based on its effectiveness because even if you have virgin black hair, the color would still apply! Moreover, these hair dyes are ammonium-free, infused with milk proteins, argan oil, and keratin that would prevent you from damaging your hair.

2. Revlon ColorSilk

Original Price: P425

9.9 Shopee Sale: P298

An established United States brand, Revlon, is part of the leading beauty and cosmetics products. You can never go wrong with the Revlon ColorSilk Hair Color for it delivers 100% gray coverage and achieves salon-quality hair color. Meanwhile, you can never worry about leaving your hair in the worst condition since this product is completely ammonia-free. 

Revlon ColorSilk provides a wide range of hair colors. Surely, that will put you in a difficult position regarding what shade are you going to choose. But good thing, the Shopee discount got your back so you can buy more than 1 hair dye!

3. L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion

Original Price: P449

9.9 Shopee Sale: P383

Don’t want to bleach your hair before coloring it? Then try out L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion as this will lift your hair color up to 4X lighter. It will not give you a brassy tone and of course, suitable for all Filipina skins.

Also, you are 100% protected with its triple care formula: ceramide, amino acids, and collagen which provides deep repairs and strengthening. This French brand gives a wide variety of color shades, so, you will never worry about not finding what best suits you.

4. Hairfix

Original Price: P220

9.9 Shopee Sale: Buy 1 Get 1 for P220

Do you want affordable DIY hair dye products? Hairfix can fix that with their Buy 1 Get 1 promo! This brand promotes quick and easy hair coloring that promotes being a go-to solution. This will give you vibrant and long-lasting hair color.

Hairfix offers 12 hair colors, ranging from brown, ash, and rose gold shades. This suits your budget and time that will achieve a quality result. Moreover, this product is also non-drying but rather gives you silky, soft hair.

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5. Technicolor

Original Price: P150

9.9 Shopee Sale: P110

If you are more adventurous in trying fun and fashionable colors, you don’t want to miss out on Technicolor! However, bleaching your hair is required for it is a semi-permanent hair dye, but surely, easy and safe to use. It is a vegetable-based hair dye with moisturizing properties. So, this will leave your hair soft and smooth after applying!

By using semi-permanent, you can change your hair color anytime you desire for it fades after a few weeks. But Technicolor has one of the best semi-permanent hair dyes for its vibrancy and pigmentation that would last long even for months. Good thing you can choose from their available 22 shades!

6. Colourette Sky Dye

Original Price: P599

9.9 Shopee Sale: P479

A Filipina brand of cosmetics known for their beauty make-up products has entered the production of hair dyes too. Colourette offers their Sky Dye semi-permanent hair colors for more bold and more fun shades! 

Although it requires bleaching for effective application and results, this dye is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and has moisturizing ingredients to make your hair soft. You can play with their available 8 shades that will last for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. 

Sometimes, taking a risk and seeing small changes are what we need, even in your hair. So, have you already decided on what to buy this September 9 on Shopee? Hurry up and add yours to your cart now!

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