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Elevate your Holiday Look with this Honey-Butter, Neutral Color Hair

Elevate your Holiday Look with this Honey-Butter, Neutral Color Hair

The Holiday Season is here — from the blasting Jose Mari Chan‘s Christmas songs to the unnerving heavy traffic. With the hustle and bustle of this season, it’s the best time to experiment with our looks. For most of us, there’s an enormous pressure to look festive since we will go to lots of family gatherings and office parties. Since we want to help you on how to elevate your holiday look, we’ve decided to visit one of the most sought after salons in the Metro, Marqed Salon to give us a hot idea for your party-ready look.

After Frozen II was released, most of us want to have an icy-platinum cool blonde. Who wouldn’t want to have Elsa-like tresses?  But celebrity hairstylist and owner of Marqed Salon, Mark Rosales has a different take on it. “To upgrade your holiday look, there’s no need to change it drastically or go all-out striking. What’s important is that we feel good about ourselves,” he said.

It’s Christmas time and there’s nothing that can give you more joy than to look great, right?

Changing your total look can be pretty shocking and there’s no need to be extra bold. He thinks that some tend to be a bit conservative since most Filipinas have morena skin. “Most are hesitant because they’re afraid that the outcome will not be good on them. So instead of the full-on head bleach of fashionable colors, we can tame it down to a combination of what we call us Honey-Butter, Neutral Color,” he added.

Just the sound of its name is already mouth-watering and a winning combination.

Thinking of copping Honey Butter and Neutral Color Hair Combo for yourself? Get ready to screenshot the pictures below for your next salon appointment, scroll further.

Holiday Look April
Before the Make-Over Look of April De Leon at Marqed Salon

Hair Check-up/Diagnosis

Holiday Look Diagnose

It’s important to know the status of your hair before coloring because it might be chemically treated, you don’t want to end up damaging it further. “Every hair has its own history and its own needs, it must have undergone rebonding before or they might have it colored to black, we don’t recommend to have it bleached if that’s the case because it might damage the hair badly,” Mark said.

“What we are introducing is Total Hair Care and not a one-time solution. Some people think that if they have their hair colored and that’s it. It’s not like that coz hair care is also a part of your wellness. That’s why we do a hair diagnosis with the use of a hair scanner to know the condition of the hair,” he added.

 Hair Recommendation

Holiday Look RX Pad
Marqed Salon RX Pad

After knowing your hair status, he will give you the right recommendation by using an Rx Pad. It’s like a real consultation, just like what a physician does. “With the use of an Rx pad, I write there their hair status, what color and hairstyle I recommend, and how they can take care of their hair after,” Mark shared.

Prepare for Blunt Cut

Holiday Look Blunt Cut
Marqed Salon’s Blunt Cut

He gave her what he calls as Blunt Cut.

“I gave her a blunt cut because it will give her a more sophisticated and edgier look. This bob can also go well with all face shapes and can also frame your face. It’s a busy season and this sleek hairstyle can be easily maintained even without tools,” Mark explained.

Bleaching and Coloring

Holiday Look Color
Marqed Salon

If your hair is black or on a dark shade, fashion colors can’t be achieved without bleaching. Bleaching works by breaking through your hair shaft and oxidizing the natural pigment that gives your hair its color. “It’s important that your hair is in a healthy condition before bleaching, after which we have to tone and color so I highly recommend that you go to a stylist.”

“I’ve decided to part the hair into two sections since I’m transforming the top part into a honey butter color and the base part into a neutral color which is a dark brown shade. It’s a combination of these hues because its best for those who are not yet ready to embrace fashion colors. It still falls under the ash tone and it’s flattering for any skin types, I’ve just added a little twist to it,” Mark shared.

There are three rounds of bleaching to make sure that that the desired result was achieved. It takes some serious effort because of long hours and you might feel some discomfort on the scalp but its totally worth it. So be prepared to do binge-watching on Netflix or have some snacks with you.

Apply Sparkly Glitter Make-up

Glitter Make-up
Photo Credit to JC Morris

You can up the ante by having some glittery make-up on to add some spunk to your new look. Miss Earth Spain Make-up Artist JC Morris advised to apply a sparkly glitter make-up but not go all-out metallic. High shine and glitter make-up is the key so you can look festive yet still classy.

Style your Hair Sleek or with Texture.

Sleek Look
Sleek Hair Upstyle

You can style your hair sleek as its timeless and classy or you can add some texture on it to create an effortless more casual or even a daring look.

Textured Look
Textured Hair Upstyle

Total Hair Care

Total Hair Care at Marqed Salon
Mark Rosales (Hairstylist)
April De Leon (Model)
JC Morris (Make-up Artist)

“Please avoid washing the hair for 24 hours so that the color can stick properly. Maintaining your hair color is crucial, we recommend that you use purple shampoo because it can help retain the hair color. It neutralizes the yellow tones that can make the hair look clean and bright. You can also use an olive oil or apple cider vinegar to moisturize the hair,” Mark ended.

This can be your signature look this holiday. The only caveat with this look is that you will be the “Apple of the Eye” of the gatherings that you will attend, if not the envy of many.

To #GetMarqed, you can check their Instagram account @marqedsalon or visit their website @https://marqedsalon.com/



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