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City of Bacoor: The Marching Band Capital of the Philippines

City of Bacoor: The Marching Band Capital of the Philippines

Bacoor, a city in the province of Cavite, is officially declared the ‘Marching Band Capital of the Philippines’ in accordance with Proclamation No. 939 signed by Former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Former President Duterte acknowledged the city of Bacoor as the ‘motherland’ of the oldest living marching bands in the Philippines. Also the home of the school-based drum and lyre corps.

Photo | June Javier

The Return of the Grandest Marching Band Parade in the Philippines

Bakood Festival Musiko 2022

The city organized the Musiko 2022: The Grandest Marching Band Street Parade and Field Show Competition in the Philippines. It was governed by the current City Mayor Strike Revilla, and the other municipal officials, on September 25.

Before performing a street parade the St. Michael the Archangel Parish started the program with a holy mass, proceeding to the Bacoor Elementary School’s oval track.

Photo | June Javier

This includes ten challenging marching bands from different locations in Cavite and other provinces such as Pampanga and Quezon. These participants are eager not only to win but also to enjoy the most-awaited event.

The pandemic postponed this grand event for years. Therefore, City officials and public audiences were all excited to witness the remarkable parade.

The smiles of the competing bands and of the crowd illustrate the genuine happiness a simple event can bring – it puts not only a little bit of joy but a whole euphoria.

Bacoor’s 351st Founding Anniversary

On the same date, the city celebrated its 351st Founding Anniversary, the thrill and goosebumps given by the said event left the audiences dumbfounded.

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Photo | June Javier

Despite the idea that the number of participants has dropped from 50 to ten. Continuing the archive still serves as a recognition to all Bacooreños for being part of the history.

In addition to the historical chronicles of Bacoor, Bahay na Tisa can also be found in the city – where Juan Cuenca and Candida Chaves reside.

Moreover, Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo lived here for three temporary months and used it as the headquarters of the revolutionary government.

Come and visit the developing city of Bacoor – witness a hunted gem and historical treasures — kept and valued.

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