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Golden Retrievers are the best

Golden Retrievers are the best

Most pet owners are well aware of the immediate benefits of sharing their lives with animals. Many of us, however, are unaware of the physical and mental health benefits that come along with snuggling up with a furry buddy. Only recently have scientific studies begun to look into the benefits of the human-animal interaction.

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Pets have evolved to be incredibly sensitive to human behavior and emotions. Dogs, for example, can understand a lot of the words we say, but they’re even better at reading our tone of voice, body language, and gestures. A devoted dog will look into your eyes to measure your emotional condition and try to comprehend what you’re thinking and feeling, just like any good human buddy (and to work out when the next walk or treat might be coming, of course)

Why golden retriever?

The Golden Retriever may be a newcomer to the world of purebred dogs (it’s only been around for around 150 years), but you wouldn’t know it by looking around. These bright-eyed, long-haired babies appear to be everywhere. You can’t look away from their cute, fluffy faces.

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There is a daily barrage of these affable creatures on YouTube, Facebook, and other media sites. You’ll witness them unloading groceries from a truck, nursing kittens, protecting babies, sitting patiently in a group in front of overflowing food bowls, or in large packs, forming a school of hairy fish in a river as they joyously follow their human. On a more serious note, they are frequently the first responders when calamity strikes, searching for survivors and assisting grieving families.

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A golden retriever has a loving and affectionate demeanor. It is gentle with kids and other animals. A golden retriever is loyal to his family. Having pets in your household can make things even better, they lighten up the mood always.

So if you are looking for a furry companion, look no further than the golden retriever. Any dog will do though, so don’t be scared to explore your options and do your research.

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