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Fan-Favorite Alessia Cara Songs You Should Listen To

Fan-Favorite Alessia Cara Songs You Should Listen To

Breaking through a variety of appealing sounds, Alessia Cara’s budding music will surely dazzle you to stick into a loop. From bagging an academy award, a resonating Disney track, and flourishing pop records, she is a straight-out sonic maven.

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It is given and all that Best Days hitmaker walks us through our teenage reckless discoveries, shambling as it gives us company we can all give a big thumbs up to her early bangers. As her music defines our once 2016 phase, Alessia’s craft rendered into a bloom of evolution reflecting growth just as to us. Let me share with you some of her undeniable bops with this list of her fan-favorite ones:

Fan-favorite Alessia Cara Songs you should listen

Scars To Your Beautiful

You may have heard of this song from radio playlisting or Billboard hits if you’re after new artists during its release. True and blue, Scars To Your Beautiful is the surface of bops Miss Shapeshifter have ever created. Gaining a hundred million views on YouTube, sure, this single occupies the void of mood some listeners recollect into it by first listen.

Hidden facets are what the single try to revisit, the message is loud and clear. Amplified with enormous courage to reveal our vulnerable ghosts armed with acceptance and optimism. Lyrics so pure it jibes down the elements there is as the song travels towards one’s soul.

Creative and calling, the music video links how beautiful it is to indeed be of one’s self. To branch out of normalcy and typical cynics as it is happier to breathe freely in the real skin, also to captivate others who are on the verge of questioning their worth with simple flaws.


Dominating with her prime sound, Alessia Cara has shown her colors to Here as it grounds her pop persona. Amusing to the casual audiences, this track could be a staple to any on-the-road playlist.

Hopping the prominent mannequin challenge of the golden days, the music video screams teen spirit. Showered with jazzy beats, the single allures young listeners and uncharted demographics with a new-gen sound.

How Far I’ll Go, Alessia Cara Version

Honestly, most of us are introduced to Alessia Cara through How Far I’ll Go becoming her most well-acclaimed song by fans. Attaching to the Disney direction by being an official soundtrack to Moana, this curates imagery that is all refreshing to Alessia.

Palm trees, a stick, sand, a lot of it—the island girl sonic production here is superb. Perfecting the riffs and rhythms for the RNB rendition. Channeling her inner Moana, Alessia is an experiment of an artist than complacent in lieu.

A bop from what is likely a Disney’s offing the past years, putting up theatre and pop versions of their film OSTs. If I could actually incorporate any of this song’s agenda to a season, in particular, guess what, yup it will be for the great summer!

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Stay, Zedd featuring Alessia Cara

Another of her amazing releases, with Zedd’s hyper-high hats, Stay testifies Caracciolo’s vocal madness. A nice build-up to her ever-during success in the pop scene penetration way back.

This collaboration pushed formats of both Alessia Cara and Zedd’s artistry as activities boomed their way. Fortunately, even though the color was saturated with that as a song in 2017, it strives and roots for longevity.

Wild Things

See, this is what she is capable of showcasing! Wild Things did the magic of Alessia. She transfers energy into the song right through her storytelling. Still, listening to this single brought so many core memories as if this is just been released when it’s not.

Edgy for a reason, the rebel carefree motif has been her distinction from before, a sound that we remember and forever will be drawn into. Supplemental of the pop-soul accord, Alessia Cara pierce what is a true sense of gen z is into her musicality.

Young as her discography is, this Grammy Best New Artist of 2018 will be of full-blown walking potential waiting to be re-discovered once more.

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