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Should You Marry Your Enemy? Here’s What Movies Say

Should You Marry Your Enemy? Here’s What Movies Say

Imagine falling in love and being able to marry your enemy—the person you hated the most in your life. Thus, things are not going the right way at every step of the way, except when you start loving them. This is not impossible, but movies have long used that formula on the big screen.

There are hundreds of different kinds of movies you can stream, and romantic movies have always been one of our favorites. Especially during this Christmas season, people have always dreamed of spending this time of year with their special someone. But what if our dear enemies are the ones that are meant for us?

The Lessons from Enemies to Lovers Movies

The Freezing Heart that Melts

Love has sometimes come at an unexpected time in our lives. This is also true of Disney’s most popular animated film, Frozen. This popular show has inspired people, especially children, with its classic story and music during Christmas.

Despite this, what seems to be a key part of the romantic arc is how Anna and Kristoff met. At first, they weren’t as close as they could be, but surely their doors of love opened when they found company with one another. Perhaps their love story is indeed a fairy tale, but the lessons of understanding one another are important in getting to know your partner.

Just like a frozen heart, both of them melted for one another when they learned to set aside their differences. They are indeed meant for one another, and we cannot imagine both of them being intertwined with someone else. Perhaps their short fight was indeed a silver lining in learning that they could be one someday.

YouTube | Walt Disney

Letters to Juliet: An Enemy Turned the One

Amanda Seyfried stars as Sophie in this classic romantic movie from 2010. This film depicted how letters transformed and dictated love between two people. Whereas this 50-year-old letter brings Sophie and Charlie together in their quest to discover the story behind it.

Alongside this, Charlie has not been treating the lady well during their journey. But when they reached the end of their adventure, the pages turned upside down. They fell in love with one another, and bitter quarrels turned into sweet romances for each other.

“What if? I don’t know how your story ended but if what you felt then was true love, then it’s never too late. If it was true then, why wouldn’t it be true now? You need only the courage to follow your heart. I don’t know what a love like Juliet’s feels like: love to leave loved ones for, love to cross oceans for, but I’d like to believe if I ever were to feel it, that I’d have the courage to seize it. And Claire, if you didn’t, I hope one day that you will. All my love, Juliet”

Lisa Friedman, Letters to Juliet
YouTube | Rotten Tomatoes

The Human Enemy and the Zombie Love

Despite most of those on the list being classified as human characters, this movie is a one-of-a-kind showdown of enemies and lovers. Warm Bodies embraces the concept of genuine squabbles and mutual survival. This is due to the inclusion of zombie horror and the fear of being infected by the virus.

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Nicholas Hoult, who plays R in this thriller movie, tries to protect a human who has considered him an enemy. This post-apocalyptic film depicts how someone can become protective of others even when others see R as an enemy. Despite this, both of the characters found their way into love without actually realizing it.

Alongside this, Warm Bodies illustrates that sometimes we can only depend on our enemies. Wherein, we could set aside the internal battles into joining hands. And so that it proves that movies could draw a possibility that who was once hurt you could love you.

With all things turning, life really is full of surprises, especially when meeting the one meant for us. It may not be as romantic as a movie, but there are certain aspects of our lives that we will encounter at this time. And when the bells have finally rung, who would have known your lover was once your enemy?

YouTube | Rotten Tomatoes

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