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Exploring the Charm of Switzerland

Exploring the Charm of Switzerland

Switzerland – just the name sounds lovely and romantic. This land takes the crown for its breathtaking landscapes and natural beauties. It is a dream of mine to have a sight of the castles and red-colored trees and savor the impressively panoramic views. These are sceneries that I only get to see at my desktop wallpaper.

If you have the same dream as mine, I know you are wondering what this country has more to give. Now focus, get your notes, as we explore the charm of Switzerland – virtually.


The Matterhorn

Photo | Unsplash

The German terms Matte (meadow) and Horn (peak) that make up the name Matterhorn roughly translate to “the peak in the meadows” (Britannica). The Matterhorn is undoubtedly the most well-known of the Alps’ many mountains. It is said to be the most photographed peak in the world following a pyramid shape. The approximately 15,000-foot-tall mountain, which spans the Swiss-Italian border, has long been on climbers’ bucket lists.

Lake Geneva

Photo | Wanderlust Crew

Lake Geneva (Lac Léman in French, Genfersee in German) is the largest lake in Switzerland and one of the biggest freshwater lakes in Europe. It sits in a beautiful and natural environment where the lovely landscape has also moved many famous people and artists. The body of water changes color every hour as the sky and water occasionally blend. This eye-capturing romantic lake has served as an inspiration to innumerable painters.

St. Moritz

Photo | Switzerland Tour
Photo | Hotels Combined

For those who love a picturesque view, this Swiss village is perfect to go to. Galleries, opulent historic hotels, and eateries providing hearty Alpine meals are further diversions. More than a vacation destination, it was also the site of the first Alpine winter vacation in 1864 and twice played home to the Winter Olympics.

Swiss National Park

Photo | Trip.com
Photo | Trip.com

The Swiss National Park, the only national park in Switzerland and the oldest in the Alps, was established in 1914. It is located in the canton of Grisons (Graubunden), not far from the country’s easternmost point. The park is home to various beautiful landscapes, including charming rivers that meander through deep valleys, lofty mountains, fauna including chamois, golden eagles, and ibex, and dense and expansive woods. The Swiss National Park is the area where stunning wildflowers also grow and bloom.

Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes

Photo | Glacier Express

Switzerland and Italy are linked by the Rhaetian Railway in Albula/Bernina, the third railroad in the world to be included in the Unesco World Heritage List. This combines two old railway lines that cross the Swiss Alps across two passes. The line, which has UNESCO World Heritage classification, serves as a memorial to the early days of railway construction. The ride, at 4 hours one way, is a scenic train journey.


Photo | History Hit

See Also

The picturesque village of Gruyères draws its charm from the Middle Ages. Visible from afar, the 13th-century Gruyères Castle dominates the city. The pedestrian town offers a stroll through cobbled streets and fountains that testifies to the city’s medieval past. Besides being widely known for its gruyère cheese, one of the highlights here is its making and production open to visitors.


Photo | Travel by Interest

Interlaken is considered the adventure capital of Switzerland. It is one of the best travel destinations due to its unique location between two mountains and lakes. This must be your go-to place if you are after a winter sports holiday. Skiing, snowboarding, and paragliding are among the activities you can try here while admiring the one-of-a-kind view.

These seven places are just the tip of this charming mountainous country—more of a reason to thrive hard and get there someday. My bucket list is getting longer and longer, but I am not complaining.

See you in the future, Switzerland! See you!  

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