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Pair these Lingeries to your Next OOTD

Pair these Lingeries to your Next OOTD

Without a doubt, lingeries are sexy in all forms. Laces, silks, satins, velvets, mesh and other fabrics as delicate as skin. Some are even embellished with pearls and Swarovski crystals. But, the beauty of these intimate pieces are usually limited to ourselves and/or our other half as it is meant to be worn as such.

If this is still your take when it comes to lingeries, then think again. With fashion trends becoming more innovative, creative, and playful, it’s not difficult to welcome lingerie into the fashion scene. Now, lingeries are more than just underwears but can also be outer wears. Take notes on the following lingeries to style for your next outfit.


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Bras or bralettes are lingeries that can be substituted as for your top. If wearing any of the two is intimidating, then try wearing it over a simple t-shirt or cover up with blazer. Choose from a range of styles and colors that suits your taste. Option varies from lace, embroidered, sheer, and satin. You can also choose from different styles such as triangle, balconette, brassiere, strapless, and plunge just to name a few. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more support and coverage, try sports bra that truly are versatile.


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Speaking of more coverage, if bra or bralette is too exposing, bustier is a good alternative. Bustier can also be styled as a top since it already has a bra built-in and extends to the waist area. It’s not just chic but functional as it pushes and shapes bosom and waist for a more snatched fit. You can wear it on its own, underneath a tee, shrugs, or any jackets and coats.


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Corset brings out the classy, regal, and Victorian feel in every wear. Often confused with bustier but corset defines our waist down hips. Same with bustier, it helps in achieving an hour-glass body in one wear. Corset can be worn as a layering piece, layer it over a dress, t-shirt, button-down shirt, blazer, and coat.


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Camisole as lingerie can be described as sweet, dainty, but sexy. The ease on how it seamlessly drapes on our torso is what makes it special. Don camisole over a body-hugging long sleeves or turtle necks. It can also be worn on its own by tucking it in your jeans, trousers, or skirts.

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Slip dress

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The most casual and straight-forward lingeries next to camisole is the slip dress. Others call it nighties or night gown, but whatever you name it, slip dress is easy to style. On casual days, you may dress it down by wearing a jacket or cardigan or wearing it underneath a sweater. For a fancier aura, dress it up by matching it with blazer or coat.


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A usual partner of slip dress, robe can be worn as cover up as well. Not just that, robe could be styled by wearing it as a wrap dress or as it is. Aside from robe, kimono is also another style option.

Maximizing the potential of lingeries as an outer wear proved that it can be worn in different ways. Flaunt these undergarments for a hint of sultriness and spice. Besides, looking and feeling sexy is not a crime. Read more of my works in this link.

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