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Everything I Miss About My Childhood

Everything I Miss About My Childhood

Entering my official adulthood era, it is inevitable to miss my childhood times every now and then—my period of innocence when there was nothing else to worry about except playing. I was free from society’s shackles such as pressure and prejudice. No societal standards, just fun little games and doing my 123’s homework. Oh, don’t you miss being a kid?

Everything I miss about my childhood

Believing in everything

During childhood, you’d be so innocent and believe everything that everyone tells you. The moon is following you, your mother said. What an exciting thing to believe in. Telling yourself that you’d be a teacher one day? You firmly believed that.

That is exactly what I miss – my mind technically being a clean slate, pure with innocence. Free from the worries of the world. That dream of being a teacher is completely believable because self-doubts were basically non-existent back then. I would give anything just to go back.

I had all the time in the world

I was free! Even more than a bird! I could play all I want, eat all I want, and sleep all I want without having to worry about anything. My childhood encompassed absolute freedom. There were no serious consequences for the things that I do, no schedules to adhere to, and nothing to conform to. They were all unlike adulthood, whereas I constantly feel like I am running out of time. Deadlines, hectic schedules, reports, and requirements. When would they stop?

Nursed by my parents

Isn’t it such a fond memory when your mother would bring you biscuits and orange juice just to console you? Or when your father would cook you the best egg-drop soup whenever you’re down with a fever? Ah, I doubt none of you would miss that. As a “big girl,” I now have to look after myself and I am fully aware of that. However, I can’t still help but miss my parents’ warmth way back when I was a kid.


Didn’t we all get the silliest little crushes during childhood? Admit it, we all did the most embarrassing stuff for attention. There is a certain purity in the way children develop crushes. Their innocent pining and attempts for attention are so adorable. I miss all of those pure moments when heartbreak was still out of the picture. I miss the times when a mere smile from our childhood crush could already complete our entire day.

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Everybody believed in me

During childhood, whatever you say is basically gospel – it’s the truth and truth alone. Remember the saying, ‘kids don’t lie’? Yeah, all the adults around me believed in me back then. No one doubted me nor talked about me behind my back. Why would they do that? I was a kid, wholly loved and adored. None dared oppose me or was skeptical of my words because of my innocence. I miss that. I do not want to be doubted or negatively second-guessed anymore.

At the end of the day, as adults, there is nothing else we could do but reminisce. It sure does feel good, though. If I had the option to revisit any day during my childhood, I would not hesitate to take it.

Do you have any fond childhood memory you would like to share?

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