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Unconventional Christmas Dishes for a Pick Me Girl’s Noche Buena

Unconventional Christmas Dishes for a Pick Me Girl’s Noche Buena

Spaghetti? Seriously? How am I supposed to say that I’m not like other girls? Don’t worry girl, we got you! Here are a few Noche Buena dishes for all the pick me‘s out there.

Honey mustard steak

Starting off strong, we’ve got this savory medium well-done steak for your pick me holiday table. It is the perfect substitute for the usual lechon or crispy pata, and it’s tastier too!

Tomato and herb pasta

Give your “normal-girl spaghetti” a little spice by….. adding less? Yes! This pasta dish is easier to prepare than your regular Filipino spaghetti. It is basically that but minus all the cream and meat.

It’s tasty, classy and the perfect main dish for any pick me.

Pesto Penne

If you’re not a fan of tomatoes too (because let’s be honest, they’re kind of a basic b thing). You can opt for Pesto Penne.

You prefer the green side of Christmas anyway, live up to that by making this one of your pick me side dishes!

Creamy chicken mushroom

Caldereta? Who is she, I don’t know her. This tasty boy is the perfect alternative for common creamy and savory Noche Buena dishes.

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Now is your chance to have that white Christmas without leaving the PH! That is so fetch!

Sriracha chicken

Fried chicken? That is so elementary. Spice it up by… well, spicing it up. Just toss your regular girl chicken with sriracha sauce and voila! You get a Noche Buena dish that is not like most girls would like. Just perfect for the pick me girl that is you!

Pssssst! Don’t forget to take a pic of your Christmas eve table alright? How else will people know that you’re different than everybody else? Kidding aside, we’d love to see how your pick me girl Noche Buena goes!

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