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2000s Filipino Childhood Snacks That I Miss

2000s Filipino Childhood Snacks That I Miss

I am feeling nostalgic today. That’s why here are Filipino snacks from my childhood that will bring so much nostalgia.

Imagine you’re in the year 2000, every sari-sari store and supermarket in the country has our well-loved childhood snacks. From chichiria like Nooda Crunch to delicious drinks like Jungle Juice, these are the comfort food that holds so much place in our hearts.

Remembering our childhood is not complete without this childhood snack. It becomes our staple during merienda time, school recess, and even tambay with your friends. Admit it or not, we miss the good old days with that good Filipino merienda on the side.

Let’s bring the good times with the beloved Filipino childhood snacks and drinks of the early 2000s.

Nooda Crunch

Your Filipino childhood is not complete if you have not tried Nooda Crunch. It is a packed snack with uncooked noodles and flavored powder inside. The way you eat it is quite interesting.

First, crush the noodles inside until there is no large crunch to crush. Then pour the flavored powder and shake it. Lastly, just enjoy it like chips. If you miss it, it still exists, and can probably find it at 7-Eleven and Shopee. Don’t worry because it still tastes as flavorful as the same.

Jungle Juice

One favorite drink that we miss aside from Zesto is the Jungle Juice. It is the most popular drink back then. Every child in the class has that drink in their lunch box. It comes in different fruity flavors.

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Tini Wini Cookies

This Tini Wini cookie is one of the staple snacks of every kid back then and sadly it is gone for good. We cannot forget the colorful and quirky packaging with animated animal characters. This cookie is chocolatey good. You will know the hype if you’ve ever eaten this cookie in the past.


TofiLuk is a popular chocolate snack for Filipino kids that even our parents secretly eat when we are not looking. It is affordable, sweet, and can give you the simple pleasure of being a child. Surprisingly, last 2021, the manufacturer announced on a Facebook page that it will be restored again in different supermarkets in the Philippines. Great way to reminisce about our childhood.

E-aji Snack

E-aji is a joy in every bite. This chip is known for having a dip within its package. What is more awesome about this chip is that it has numerous dips from tomato salsa to mayo, which is my personal favorite. Honestly, when it first came out, for me it is the greatest snack ever. I am not lying. However, you definitely need a table when eating this chip. It is very addictive #SanaMabalik.

Did you miss your childhood through this 2000s Filipino snack memory lane? We have plenty of delicious snacks and drinks back then that we truly miss which made us want to back to the good old days of being little kids. So what are your favorite snack when you are a kid? Share your thoughts through the comments. #NostalgiaAllTheWay

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