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The adventures and mishaps of living in a place without the internet

The adventures and mishaps of living in a place without the internet

Nowadays, businesses are done digitally. Admit it. All of us are working on the internet. Technology changed our lifestyle which makes our lives easier and more convenient. It became our source of news and information and gives a platform for businesses. It changes the way we communicate and entertain ourselves.

That is the power of technology and the internet.

But how about the way of life of people not having access to it?

Essentials of Internet

As I’ve said, the internet is the new platform. When the pandemic occurs, we are forced to stay at home. Television and the internet were the only access to the world and we couldn’t deny the fact that it is also the best way when you need to pass by some hour. 

It has become one of the essentials. The classrooms are built online. Business owners held their businesses on different digital platforms.

Without moving an inch, you can now enjoy your cravings from your favorite fast-food chains or restaurants delivered to your home. 

Everything is basically on the internet. So how can some people manage to live in a place without it? 

Benefits of living without internet

Although the internet offers a lot of conveniences, this can also become destructive. The internet world can also be very tiring. 

Here are some benefits of living without it.

We don’t have access to the chaos of the outside world. The tranquility of pre-industrial life is also a privilege. It induces better sleep and a healthy mind. The people are engaging in more personal conversations. We can enjoy each other’s company without gazing at our phones all day.

We can connect more personally with our friends and family without the barrier of the digital world. Without the distracting screen. Teenagers can live without worrying about toxic social media platforms. And rather than reading the dull hahaha on the screen, we should spend time with our friends and hear them laugh loudly. You got to see them up close and personal.

Being disconnected from the internet could be beneficial to our personal relationships. We’d start to live in the moment since we wouldn’t have a screen to distract us.

The Cons

On the other hand, these are the drawbacks of not having internet access.

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It prompts ignorance. Internet is access to unlimited sources of information. They say the internet is the new life guru. You can learn anything on the internet in just a few taps. It is the best way to answer all the questions in your head that have piqued your curiosity. So living in a place without the internet is us not knowing the trend. 

Another thing is disconnection. Having no access to the internet means no connection to the world that is away from you. The internet has the power to bridge cultural gaps. Without this, we can’t connect to the people that are out of our region. We can’t communicate with our family, friends, classmates, and others that are away from us. It’d be much harder to stay connected.

And with the ongoing online classes and meetings, a college student like me would want to run away from a place without the internet.

While we may have an unhealthy dependence on the internet, it hasn’t really wiped off culture and tradition.

Everything is wonderful when used in moderation. The internet has done wonders for society. It offers numerous advantages, ranging from connecting individuals all over the world to assisting students in learning more.

And we would also love it if we will also have the privildege to access it.

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