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Picture-Perfect: Best Places to Go in Batangas

Picture-Perfect: Best Places to Go in Batangas

Everyone needs to take a break from all the hustle and bustle of life every once in a while. Planning and researching for extraordinary vacation spots are essentials, whether for a local adventure or travel abroad. Batangas is a heavenly place to visit in the Philippines, from its wide stretch of landscapes, beaches, and historical sites.

Picture-Perfect: Best Places to Go in Batangas

Here are some of the finest spots that you might want to check from the categories of seaside, camps, mountain climbing, and more.

#1 Anilao, Batangas

The first stop is in the barangay of Anilao—which is thought of as a town by most people—in the municipality of Mabini. It is a popular site for its impressive and perfect underwater world. If you’re taking public transportation, it takes more than two hours to get to Anilao from Manila. Anilao has more than 20 diving sites, which mostly offer diving courses and tours; resort accommodation and diving charges vary in each place. 

#2 Taal Heritage Town

Next, Taal’s captivating and historical representation in its town. Aside from the active Taal Volcano, the city has a hill town series of landmarks and classic sites in one. It comprises ancestral houses of notable names in Philippine history, the oldest churches, a camera museum for collectors and visitors, and local shops to buy memorabilia. The charming village of Taal is indeed a picture-perfect place that serves a taste of Filipino culture and history. 

#3 Palm Beach Resort

Palm Beach Resort requires an almost three-hour trip from Manila. It is a summer destination complemented by its infinity pool and Balinese-style amenities. The resort offers swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling for their day trip accommodation from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It is not just your swimsuits and beach towels that needed to be ready, but also your gowns and ties as this resort suit an intimate wedding event place. The resort usually offers discounts and promos on its official booking website. 

#4 Fortune Island

It takes around more than four hours to get to Fortune Island from Manila. Ironically, the island had a misfortune in its history. It was once an exclusive luxury resort designed for the higher class of society. It is later called Fortune Island, a blessing in disguise. If you want to see more of a deserted island with white sand and a clear ocean, it would cost you 350 pesos per head for a day tour entrance fee, and 500 pesos for an overnight entrance fee. 

#5 Milea Bee Farm

If you want to reconnect with nature and communicate with the greens around you, you should “bee-sit” Milea Bee Farm, which requires 250 pesos for an entrance fee. Visiting the farm will give you a chance to learn more about bee talks. It also offers a tour around the farm where visitors can pick and pay for their liked fruits and vegetables. Aside from that, you will get a taste of bottomless honey drinks in this place. 

#6 Casa de Segunda

Another place to look back on the history and culture of the Philippines is to get to Casa de Segunda in Lipa City, Batangas. Casa de Segunda is called a bahay-na-bato, a house built during the Spanish era. It was the home where Jose Rizal’s first love, Segunda Luz-Katigbak, and her family lived during the nineteenth century.

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#7 Cintai Corito’s Garden

Do you have an extra budget for your next trip? Try a full vacation experience in Cintai Corito’s Garden in the municipality of Balete. A day trip in paradise starts at 1,350 pesos per person, they also offer romantic date night that starts at 5,500 pesos, and photoshoot sessions starting at 6,400 pesos. Cintai Corito’s Garden is a Balinese-inspired sanctuary with a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, pond, and more facilities for a total package of new memories.

#8 Mt. Batulao

For more extreme activities and fearless trips, try hiking the trails in Mt. Batulao. It is located near Tagaytay, which makes the area breezy and cooler. Mt. Batulao is a good destination even for first-timers; the breathtaking view from the top and incredible walk to get there are the most satisfactory. 

Batangas is a top contender and prime contributor to Philippine tourism when it comes to beaches and resorts, but there are a lot more to see whether you’re looking for a nature-based adventure or cozy places to recollect. 

Have fun!

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