Jose Mari Chan Is Coming — Five of His Songs You Should Listen to This Holiday Season

He’s back! It is now the “Ber” Months, and it only means one thing. Whenever I see girls and boys—do you hear it? It is time for another onslaught of Christmas music by Jose Mari Chan. The Father of Philippine Christmas Music makes his return as the stage is set for his triumphant entrance in the upcoming days.

From memes all the way to music in the malls or public places outside, we all start to hear the holiday tracks. Well then, bring out your Yuletide spirits because Jose Mari Chan is here, and he is out on a mission of joy. Here are five Christmas songs by Jose Mari Chan to listen to.

Christmas Spirit is All Around Us

Christmas in our Hearts

Let us start with his most famous song. This is the most played Christmas song you can hear all around you and in public places. This is actually a niche choice to add to the list, but it is the go-to choice of Jose Mari Chan in almost any holiday track here. It would be unwise not to give recognition to the song on the list.

Furthermore, the song is pretty catchy that incorporates a beautiful melody that makes our eardrums savor the music. This is also the song that makes us think of Jose Mari Chan all of the time. Basically, this song is kind of like his trademark.

Pagdating ng Pasko

If you want to listen to a more relaxing song that provides meaning to a classic Filipino Christmas festivity. it tells the story of how we all visit our extended families and celebrate the day. It just shows how much bonds make us who we are as Filipinos. In addition, it also gives off a Filipino retro music vibe that makes the parents reminisce about their pasts with their kids and grandparents.

A Child Again at Christmas

Live your days when you were still a kid. Christmas is the season that makes us feel like a child again, worry-free and always happy. Kids enjoy Christmas the most because they get to experience a day of bliss and excitement celebrating the holiday and opening presents. While most of us reading may be grown up, try to relive your younger years and adapt what you experience before to become your experience now on Christmas with the help of this song.

See Also

A Wish on Christmas Night

What is your wish? This song, emphasizes what we all want and aspire to have during the holiday season. While the song gives praise to the birth of Jesus it also wishes to share the love in the world through the acts of giving and care to provide the essence of the season.

A Perfect Christmas

The Perfect Christmas is perfect to listen to especially during the Covid-19 Season in the country. Originally, it means spending the holidays with the partner you love. However, the hardships we receive because of the pandemic, make spending the holidays with our partner really tough.

Start setting up your Christmas tree and decorations and get excited because Christmas is approaching real quick. Finally, the Yuletide season of giving is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than to spend your Christmas activities while listening to some of Jose Mari Chan’s great music.

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