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GRWM Cosmetics: Turning Tints into Selfless Dreams

GRWM Cosmetics: Turning Tints into Selfless Dreams

Get ready with me! Put on your favorite milk tint in the shade ‘Pomelo’ while we create a safe and warm home for all the fur babies out there!

A fur mom’s love knows no bounds, and Mae Layug, founder of GRWM Cosmetics, surely lives up to this fact. In February, GRWM Cosmetics relaunched its crowd-favorite multi-use creamy tint “Pomelo” but with a heartwarming twist! The brand partnered with PAWSsion Project, an animal welfare organization, in a campaign called, “Paws Fur Comfort,” which aims to dedicate 100% of their online sales of the product to PAWSsion Project’s site development and supplies.

Who could even imagine that we could all save some pets, one milk tint at a time?

How They Made It PAWSsible

As Mae launched the brand in May 2021, lending a helping hand to animal welfare organizations is something their team would do in a heartbeat. As time passed by, they were unified by one mission—helping more and more animal rescue organizations. One of them is PAWSsion Project.

Photo Credits: GRWM Cosmetics

Being a follower of PAWSsion Project since 2019, Mae expressed her utmost appreciation to the organization for being an instrument of change and hope to the abused and neglected animals. 

“We were so excited for this campaign because aside from the funds we can raise, we can also spread the word about PAWSsion Project’s “Sponsor a Dog/Cat” Program. Thus, more people will be aware of this initiative that even if they cannot foster or adopt yet, they can sponsor them,”

Mae shared.

Together, GRWM Cosmetics and PAWSsion Project teamed up to make their selfless dream come true—to give every fur baby the best life that they deserve. GRWM Cosmetics’ very own milk tint paved the way in creating a world of valued and loved animals.  

Once a Fur mom, Always a Fur Mom 

Strays and Mae Layug—they go way back. Mae told Village Pipol that she had been rescuing cats since she was five years old. And now that she’s 30, she and her family currently have 52 cats and 9 dogs, all for the love of fur babies. 

Photo Credits: Mae Layug

Even though she had already been busy with her career as a content creator in 2018 and up until now where she manages one of the big makeup brands in the Philippines, her dedication to rescuing cats and dogs never faltered. If anything, her enthusiasm to work hard so she could help more fur babies just grew more and more. 

“Our fur babies give us unconditional love and comfort and they think that we are the best thing that has ever happened to them. That’s why it breaks my heart when I see them getting hurt or hungry. If only I could save them all, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”  

-Mae Layug, Founder, GRWM Cosmetics

The Goal-Getters Did It! 

No brand or campaign would ever be successful without the support of its customers. Mae extends her heartfelt gratitude to the GRWM goal-getters who didn’t walk, but ran to buy the special edition Pomelo shades once they knew it’s for a cause.

Photo Credits: GRWM Cosmetics

With the help of the GRWM girlies, over 1,000 pieces were sold out in just six days! Mae, along with her team, were able to raise 1.6-million pesos which were all donated to PAWSsion Project. Malou Perez, PAWSsion Project founder, shared that they’re beyond grateful for having crossed paths with Mae and GRWM Cosmetics. 

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“We are overwhelmed, we are grateful, we are blessed! We have started the construction of the clinic and more kennels and we are trying to maximize their donation. We are so grateful that one month of stray feeding will be [provided] already. Plus, we will also be offering free spay and neuter for 100 dogs and cats in Bacolod where access to this much-needed service is limited. We made it GRWM,”

Malou Perez, Founder of PAWSsion Project, in a Facebook post

Indeed, this collaboration saved so many lives. And if we all think about it, a lot of people have become the instrument of such beautiful change. 

In GRWM Cosmetics, We Trust

Beyond lipstick, foundation, and palettes, GRWM Cosmetics had taken the extra mile for our dearest puspins and aspins. Staying true to their commitment for animals, their products have always been vegan and cruelty-free since June 2021. 

Mae and her team, who started from the bottom and are now soaring, proved that inner and outer beauty can be obtained and will eventually shine through everyone. 

Photo Credits: GRWM Cosmetics

“We are committed not only to giving Filipinos high-quality beauty products but we are also wholeheartedly supporting the advocacies that define our brand. I am grateful that my team shares not only my vision but also our collective effort to make a difference.”

– Mae Layug, GRWM Cosmetics

Today, they turned tints into selfless dreams. What could GRWM Cosmetics be tomorrow? I bet it would still be magical!

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