My five favorite Enchanted Kingdom rides

The amusement park or perya season has come. We can finally see different types of our usual carnival rides such as the Ferris wheel, carousel, caterpillar, Vikings, and so much more. We can also see colorful lights around different barangays. However, Santa Rosa, Laguna has its own kind of traditional park, more magical, vivid, safe, and sound – the Enchanted Kingdom.

EK is a theme park in the Philippines. Known for being a famous tourist attraction, families, couples, friends, and educational trips for teachers and students usually visit the place. With a land area of 25 hectares, it is definitely bigger than your usual perya. The amusement park is even a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions or IAAPA.

My five favorite Enchanted Kingdom rides


Have you ever experienced being lifted over 130 feet into the air, and seeing a breathtaking view of the entire area? The Wheel of Fate is an old-fashioned, classic, and gigantic Ferris wheel. It has 36 gondolas that can accommodate a minimum of two and a maximum of six persons each. Spend a unique and memorable experience with your loved ones, fly together, and see the beauty of Laguna. 


Ever heard of a pirate ship? Ever imagined being a pirate king? This huge floating ship can harbor up to fifty sailors, swinging back and forth, reaching a maximum angle of 70 degrees. Sail over with that aspirations, and imagine large waves in pendulum swings when riding the Anchors Away at the Enchanted Kingdom.


Ever dreamt of being an astronaut? Flying up above the sky, moon, and outer space. Reaching the stars, and the clouds. Make that imagination turn into reality by riding the Space Shuttle in the Enchanted Kingdom. A rollercoaster with a twist, turns aspiring astronauts upside-down six times, three times backward, and three times forward in just two minutes. Experience the galaxy, the milky way, and a universal ride in the Space Shuttle of the Enchanted Kingdom.


Who else here enjoys water splashes, rivers, and slopes? Make it possible together in this water ride. Jungle Log Jam has been famous for being an exciting water trip that can accommodate a minimum of one up to a maximum of four persons. Lifting them twice using a log, down to high slopes, making the water create a huge splash while racing along the river. Get soaked and undergo an aquatic ride in the Enchanted Kingdom. 


Of course, what is the Enchanted Kingdom without the famous EKstreme Tower? Takes only a minute to get to the top, dropping the guests with no warning – making them scream, cry, and laugh all at the same time. Experience the combination of astonishing views and a thrilling journey by riding the tower. This has been the best among the rest of the EK rides for it gives guests a mixed and unique EKsperience. 

EKsperience Surprises


Look up to the beauty of the skies and make wishes. Witness instant magic! EK has prepared a wonderful fireworks display for you, lighting up the sky with pure happiness before ending the day. Sky Wizardry will make your Friday to Sunday more special with these lights – take a photo/video with your loved ones as you watch a bright, memorable, and, enchanting display at night.

Value your happiness and safety. Make the day magical with the Enchanted Kingdom!

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