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5 Things you could do while waiting for Stranger Things season 5 

5 Things you could do while waiting for Stranger Things season 5 

The Stranger Things fans have about another 2 to 3 years of waiting time for the next season of our beloved show. Because of that, avid fans are thinking of ways to stay in touch with the show we all love and wait for.

Besides, it is simply hard to get over the last season since it ended with a cliff-hanging scene, so here are 5 things every ardent Stranger Things fan could do.


There are a ton of funny and straight out dumb fan theories out there, but there are also ones that will totally blow your mind. There are even ones that intricately point out the presence of Vecna aka Vencnussy from the very beginning of the show.

And if you’re really not up for poring all over the web for these fun theories, you can always watch it on TikTok!


Let’s all be honest here, we all felt a confusing sense of satisfaction and remorse when Papa (Dr. Brenner) died as he tried to get Eleven away from the bunker fiasco. There’s something about his desperation to keep El safe that created a last-minute redemption arc to his unarguably hatable character for Stranger Things fans.

And if you claim that you didn’t feel even just a tiny hair of sadness when Dr. Brenner died, then you are like Papa!

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If you want to dive a little deeper into your Stranger Things hyper-fixation, another thing you could do is watch after-show clips of your favorite characters.

This is one way of better knowing the actors that portray the characters better. It’s better to know if these on-screen personas are truly worth stanning!


If you want to take your Stranger Things knowledge to the next level then read the books! Finishing everything off will absolutely be a swell way of killing time while waiting for the next season.


If you’re more of a visual person, you’ll definitely enjoy reading the Stranger Things comics. It’ll even complete the 1980s-era way of living most fans go for!

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