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5 Most Hype Knockout Moments to Rewatch!

5 Most Hype Knockout Moments to Rewatch!

In the mood to revisit your childhood anime? Have a blast from the past with the most hype moments from Hajime no Ippo

Aside from Manny Pacquaio, Ippo Makunouchi, more locally known as Knockout!, introduced boxing to a lot of the younger generation. The anime aired on GMA, alongside popular anime staples like Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, and Dragonball Z. Known for its explosive and breathtaking episodes, Knockout! Have fans rewatching from time to time, no matter the age. Here are some of the best episodes in the series that are sure to pump your adrenaline!

Round 62 – Ippo unlocks the Dempsey Roll!

There’s nothing more hype than when Ippo first did his signature move. Ippo finally reemerges after his 5-months hiatus, fighting against an obscure Thai fighter named Ponchai Chuwatana. Ippo trained hard to achieve a move that’s a balance between offense and defense, and he plans to use it. What follows is a series of weaving in a pattern of an infinity symbol, alternating hooks in between sways. Coach Kamogawa realizes that Ippo’s own creation bears a close resemblance to America’s Jack Dempsey and his signature move: The Dempsey Roll.

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Round 75 – Rematch: Sendo vs Makunouchi!

Takeshi Sendo stands strong in prime condition after successfully defending the Featherweight Championship belt twice. With Ippo Makunouchi as his next challenger, tension, and anticipation embrace the title match. Round 75 marks the final round of Sendo’s revenge match against Makunouchi, both battered and at their final stand. Relive the battle between the Tiger of Naniwa and Dynamite Boy and Makunouchi’s ascension to the Featherweight throne!

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Round 103 – Deathmatch: Hawk vs Takamura

Mamoru Takamura finally has the WBC Junior Middle Weight belt within his grasp. There’s only one problem: Bryan Hawk proves to be his toughest opponent yet. Takamura faced eight rounds of pure violence from Hawk,  all the while enduring the effects of harsh weight management. The championship arc is a roller-coaster that taps Takamura’s entire arsenal for the first time. Round 103 marks Takamura’s final ditch effort to bag the world champion title, sure to make you hold your breath in anticipation.

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Round  13 (Rising) – Reborn Dempsey Roll

Ippo Makunouchi defends his championship title for the fifth time against the “Owari Dragon”, Ryuhei Sawamura. Sawamura hounded Makunouchi’s Dempsey Roll with counter punches, generally rendering the technique useless. The Dragon viciously fought Makunouchi with unique tactics and bloodlust, making the champion fall more than once. Makunouchi, however, developed a technique to improve the Dempsey roll. We’ll witness Ippo’s toughest fight yet,  as he clings on for dear life against the Mad Dog.

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Round 24 (Rising) – Iron Fist Kamogawa

Genji Kamogawa relives the old days and his greatest and last fight as a professional boxer. Kamogawa set his sights on Ralph Anderson after the American tyrant buries Ginpachi Nekota’s boxing career with a foul rabbit punch. Wanting to avenge his friend, Kamogawa sought to develop fists of iron. The resulting match burns directly into the memory of fans, earning Kamogawa Gym’s esteemed trainer respect like never before.

Hajime no Ippo continues to inspire fans with its ongoing manga serialization. But nothing beats the thrills and excitement of the anime adaptation. The best way to enjoy the show is to rewatch it from the start. Witness Ippo’s rise in the boxing scene and capture the essence of will and perseverance!

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