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The Power of Taylor Swift’s Influence in our Lives

The Power of Taylor Swift’s Influence in our Lives

I have always been a fan of Taylor’s songs starting from a young age. However when the Red album dropped, I found myself fell from the pedestal, right down the rabbit hole. Long story short, it made me fall in love with Taylor’s songs and has since made them a vital part of my life. And that is the power she adheres within us fans.

The Power of Taylor Swift

The Power of Taylor Swift Facebook Page

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the one and only Jane, who is the creator of The Power of Taylor Swift fan page. She shared to me that when she first heard Love Story on the radio back in 2008. And became an instant fan and the rest is history. She calculated that it has been 15 years of being a fan since and it’s “Crazy!” she exclaimed.

I asked Jane what prompted her to make a fan page and she replied, “To share Taylor updates to Swifties.” And she has been posting since 2019 but was more active on Twitter before having this Facebook page.

Jane has been building a community of swifties for five years, gaining nearly 50,000 facebook likes and a 5.5 rating. When I asked her about the connection she has with the swifties that supports her page, and whether it feels like family, “Yes it does, Swifties are lovely! Though I don’t have much time to interact with them, I try to when I have time.” Jane quipped.

The Anthem: All Too Well 10 minutes version

When Taylor Swift released the extended version of All Too Well, there was no denying that Swifties are blessed to live in the same lifespan as Taylors’.

Jane shared that choosing a favorite song from Taylor is one of the hardest questions to answer, ever. She contemplated first, “But I’d say All Too Well, it hits you right in the bones and it’s a masterpiece. And then she released the 10-minute-version of it that hits differently.” and I couldn’t agree more.

The five-minute original version was painful and left you longing for more memories from the relationship. However, after rerecording her Red album, the ten-minute version felt like a knife to your throat at first but ended with closure. It was a nice hug at the end, with the relief of no longer being stuck. Especially the ending from the short movie. “Just between us I remember it all too well.”

I feel so honored, as if I have a connection to one of Taylor’s saddest aspects of herself in that situation. It’s wonderful to think that we have that hold of her, because she willingly shared it with us, her pain turned into a masterpiece. She is a true poet, a pure wordsmith, and continues to leave behind a lasting legacy.

Taylor’s influence through her music

Taylor Swift Lover

There are a handful of songs Taylor wrote about her childhood, family, friends, fans, and especially her failed relationships. And even though it’s just a song, she can make each and every one of those relatable or even let us experience the emotional journey with her.

“Never Grow Up” and “The Best Day” singles are one of the examples of her songs about family and childhood. Taylor can make us yearn about a past in our lives simply by listening to her sing. It feels nostalgic, in a way that you want to cherish family and life experiences with her.

Life can be so difficult that you wish you could relive the best days you had as a child. You wish to never grow up, because life is cruel and your family made it safe for you when you were just a kid. These are extremely moving songs that don’t even include a breakup.

Taylor is known for writing songs about breakups, and people often make fun of and criticize her for it.  Swifties are aware that she is greater than that. Her music is diverse and not all solely about breakups.

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A heartfelt song like “Ronan” serves as a representative example of her music and of who she is as a musician. This song tells the story of a young boy Taylor met who died from cancer. Now that she has re-recorded this song, I am overjoyed and happy that she and Ronan can finally claim ownership of it.

And long, long live

Taylor Swift wrote a song “Long Live” dedicated to her fans in her third album Fearless.

Looking back as a Swiftie for more than a decade now, listening to this song and knowing that Taylor values us, adores us, loves us more than just a fan of hers. It is truly humbling to look up to her and have Taylor Alison Swift influence our lives through her songs.

“I’m literally always going to make everything about her.” Jane adds when asked about Taylor’s influence in her life. It’s funny, relatable and true.

Taylor Lavender Haze

As a final question, I asked her what she would tell Taylor if they met face to face. “I’ve never actually met her in person but I’ve seen her live once back in 2014. But if I ever get the chance to meet her, I’d tell her how much I love her and how good of a role model she is and amazing to look up to. I’d also tell her how she and her music brings me so much happiness and helps me through the best and worst of times.” Jane shared passionately.

For me, it would be amazing to meet Taylor, hug her, and either just me being heard by her. I’d say thank you for saving my life over and over again with her songs, for being my inspiration, and not to give up, because that literally is her influence in my life. She is a savior to many of us, and I am so grateful to be alive and see her become the best artist in the world.

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