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INSTAGRAM RAID: BINI Maloi as Nation’s Girlfriend

INSTAGRAM RAID: BINI Maloi as Nation’s Girlfriend

Each member adds their own flair and personality to the group, making them beautifully unique and captivating. Making her dubbed as the Nation’s Girlfriend by the blooms. As BINI’s Main Vocal, Maloi will catch your attention with her high notes.

Not only that, their outfits and styles are always on point. Their virtuosity in performing is matched with stunning visuals. That is why BINI is dubbed as the Nation’s Girl Group.

Bini Maloi continues to live up to her nickname as the Nation’s Girlfriend with these stunning outfits, in and out of the stage. 

Here is Bini Maloi never beating the Nation’s Girlfriend Allegations: 

This touch of elegance and style in their Metro Magazine shoot:

Photo | bini_maloi

This outfit for their “Be You” concert:

Photo | bini_maloi

Being LDR with her Luckies in the Philippines, BINI Maloi spoiled them with these pics from their US Tour with ASAP Natin ‘To:

Photo | bini_maloi

This performance outfit is for Global Peace Festival in Clark:

Photo | bini_maloi

This stunning outfit is for the Star Magic Christmas Party:

Photo | bini_maloi

Amidst performances, BINI doesn’t disappoint in terms of their performance and skills. This group comprises eight modern Filipinas who want to share their passion and talent with the world.

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You can also follow BINI Maloi on her personal social media accounts here: (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok) to keep you updated with her latest ganaps.

Bini released their new album, Feel Good, on all streaming platforms. Subscribe to their channel here and follow them on Spotify.

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