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23 Little Things to Be Grateful for This New Year’s Eve

23 Little Things to Be Grateful for This New Year’s Eve

Ever wonder how different would it be if people don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve? Hmm… I think every new year will slowly feel like Mondays — the start of another tiresome cycle that makes us miss the swift escape with the weekends accompanying us.

Every year, we go through a full 365-day brimming of seasons. A time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to dance and a time to grieve, a time to tear down, and a time to build up. However, we never truly have the chance to pause and reflect because we remain set to confront another set of resolutions. It is important to stop for a moment to acknowledge and appreciate all the good things we do have in our life.

Thank God for New Year’s Eve celebrations! We have time to rejoice at every ending for it is an opportunity for a new beginning. New Year’s Eve offers more than just a celebration, a lot more, that we tend to sometimes forget.

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23 Little Things to Be Grateful for This New Year’s Eve

  • Scrumptious food that we got to taste for the first time. Yum!
  • Places we were able to travel no matter how far or near the distance is.
  • Recognition for all our effort and hard work.
  • And, encouragement from the people who also know us best.
  • The time we burst into laughter with the ones we love.
  • Then, the days we had enough rest and sleep.
  • Something that we bought for ourselves using our own money. It can be as simple as buying your favorite chocolate.
  • Also, news of random acts of kindness that people perform all over the world.
  • Animals that people rescue and free all the time.
  • Free shipping for all the ones you checked out.
  • All the outfits made us feel the most amazing!
  • Aside from that, the chores we have done on our list and crossing it all out.
  • Newfound friend, we met online or personally.
  • Compliments we received from someone.
  • The feedback we received pushed us to do better.
  • Then, our “errand friends” help us things get done.
  • Starting out old hobbies we tried again.
  • The fellowship with people with whom we feel safe the most.
  • The pain that ultimately made us stronger.
  • Struggles that also helped us grow.
  • The out-of-control circumstances all made sense now.
  • The new learnings we can share with others.
  • We survived another year… Yay!

New Year’s Eve helps us look back on the past year with a smile and contentment in the present. Our tomorrow is filled with hope and excitement for what another season may bring to us. These are just some of the things I listed to help you find better things that you can be thankful for. When you find things that you are genuinely thankful for, take a moment to notice and express your gratitude in order to boost your happiness and well-being.

No matter how your next year starts, it is not too late to develop a grateful heart for a good head start.

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