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Maine Mendoza, a free-spirited butterfly

Maine Mendoza, a free-spirited butterfly

Butterflies go fluttering by, they capture the eyes of many as they elegantly float in the air. They bring the odds and ends that allures other creatures of wings to fly. Flapping its graceful and enantiomorphic wings in brilliant color, this garden-dweller brings harmony as it kisses the flowers it touches. A beautiful creature, rare to capture. Maine Mendoza is an exquisite lady, just as unique as monarchs, you’ll find a flimsy chance to discover anywhere.

Could there be more than meets the eye about Maine? Yes!

Maine Mendoza, a free-spirited butterfly

Maine Mendoza is a sweet ornament during her debut way back in 2015 in the Philippine television industry. All perched in the noontime show Eat Bulaga! which served as a garden where she still relentlessly flourishes. Time sure flies for the 27-year-old TV host-actress as if seven years is just a time-lapse of a growing magnolia tree.

Flashback to when her entertaining clips lip-synching iconic movie scenes went viral and landed her an audition for the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga!

It was uncertain for her of what she’ll become. There’s nothing in a caterpillar that tells you exactly what it’s going to be. At this time, she clinched her life-changing role as Yaya Dub. In the unconventional way of joining showbiz, a phenomenal star is born. The rest, as they say, is history.

Manifest Queen

Manifestation is an embodiment of an idea. Maine once admitted that being a celebrity has always been just a clandestine dream of hers and that she never pictured she would get the fluke to make the dream into a reality. But, I guess, at the time she is already molting into a shiny chrysalis. Within its protecting casing, she manifests her future as a unique monarch butterfly.

Remember when her years-old posts suddenly went all over our feed again? Her so-called ‘prophetic’ tweets were brought back by a fan through a compilation on a Facebook post for coming true.

A dramedy icon

In order for a butterfly to escape her cocoon, she must struggle to free her body with its brand new wings from its safe place of sleep. The struggle is critical at this point and no one comes to rescue her. She needs to do it by herself.

Many dire straits attempted to hinder her way to obtain all her ‘cutie’ manifestations to come true. But I believe that after all the adversaries she encountered and conquered, she became more unstoppable in acquiring her happiness as she flocks towards the blooming flowers.

Maine recently won the title of Best Entertainment Presenter/Host at the Asian TV Awards. She was not physically present to accept the award but took Twitter as an opportunity to show her gratitude to her fans and her team.

I’m extremely blessed also to have multiple platforms to express myself and engage with people from different walks of life.

See Also

Let’s add to the list her multiple projects that showcased her delicate and gorgeous flapping wings that never fail to impress everybody. May it be drama that strikes our hearts from brokenness or comedy that makes us giggle with her natural acting, Maine doesn’t confine herself to doing various genres.

A style icon

What adds to the fascinating beauty of a butterfly is its unique arrangement of patterns in colorful designs. The sheer beauty of their wings, and the metaphorical power of their emergence fully formed from rather unpromising pupae, have made butterflies an object of admiration and inspiration.

Setting aside her wacky and comedic demeanor, Maine continues to dazzle the gaze! A fashion style icon after the cover of multiple major fashion magazines. Gazing over her Instagram (@mainedcm), the account reveals her taste not only in candid and derp posts but also in beauty and fashion.

Maine Mendoza has always something more to bring to the table. Never ceases to awaken the eyes of people with her charm and genuine personality. Believing in our dreams doesn’t stop there, make it happen! And indeed, she deserves credit for this journey. Butterflies aren’t caterpillars with wings. It is awkward to see and dysfunctional being. But, butterflies are created in transformation.

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