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Why Millennials and Gen Z kids are big geeks

Why Millennials and Gen Z kids are big geeks

Millennials and Gen Z kids are the biggest geeks I know. We played with cool toys and watched awesome superheroes fight evil. Our parents even saved money to buy toys and merchandise just to tell the world of what we are a fan of. We were big geeks then, and even now. In fact, most of us still do those things despite our busy work schedules lately.

Photo of boy with his small car collection at home

I still remember that scene in Toy Story 3 where Andy donates his toys to the daycare. Since Andy is already going to college, he cannot play with them anymore. That is just so heartbreaking. For me, Andy represents the kids born in the 80’s up to the early 2000s. He is the symbol of two generations who grew up playing with a lot of cool toys before the digital era changes the way kids play.

Millennials and Gen Z are indeed such big geeks. But unlike Andy, we never let go of our childhood heroes. We continue to live with them. The values these characters and franchises bring are part of our guiding principles in life.

My geek life then as a young Gen Z

Millennials and Gen Z kids are big geeks

Back in elementary, I was a big superhero fan. I’ll watch Justice League on early evenings, then tune in to Captain Barbell on GMA. My trolley bag was even an official product from the promotional merchandise line of Warner and DC Comics. I also buy cards containing superheroes, not to play them with my playmates outside, but just simply to collect them for pleasure. On top of that, I also have a complete set of action figures from the Justice League animated series. Geek life as a kid was the best time of my life

My geek life today as an adult

Millennials and Gen Z kids are big geeks
Andy with his favorite toys, Woody and Buzz Lightyear. (Photo: Toy Story 3, Disney/Pixar)

Life was happy until it wasn’t. Adolescence and puberty hit me like a thousand knives repeatedly. Heartbreaks and losses were like supervillains, except that they are scarier. Economic downfall, COVID-19, and political unrest shook both millennials and Gen Z kids. But like my heroes, I slayed them.

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The Justice League, the Avengers, and Aang’s squad were my safe space then and now. When life hits hard I look up to those heroes, knowing I can be one too in my own way. I still play and collect toys. When my schedule is free, I still watch superheroes and cartoons. I also play some online games too

For millennials and Gen Z kids like me, the geek life is not just a phase, it’s our lifestyle that shapes who we are as a people today.

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