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COVID-19 pandemic will shape how Gen Z view the world

COVID-19 pandemic will shape how Gen Z view the world

The COVID-19 crisis has been impacting everyone’s lives. However, people born as a Gen Z is currently experiencing the pandemic at a formative time of their lives. They are the youngest generation to grow up facing challenges that no other generations before them has ever know. Some of them are entering their adult years, and some of them are at ages where one should experience an incredible change of how they view the world.

Gen Z: The Anxious Generation

Reports have already called Gen Z as the Anxious Generation. As the coronavirus spread, this pandemic just serves as a PTSD for an already anxious peer group. While they are concerned about their own future, they are living through the pandemic as just another thing to add into their already crowded plate. They suddenly have fears that surround contracting or spreading the virus to their immunocompromised friends or families. This, then, begins the mental health repercussions of this pandemic.

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COVID-19 shaping how Gen Z view the world

Statistics say that the Gen Z is afraid of getting the coronavirus themselves. However, 71% are even more afraid of their loved ones getting sick while 62% feel anxious for staying at home for a long time. 54% would want this lockdown to end before the supplies for their family runs out. As many families struggle in the wake of this crisis, PTSD around isolation and financial strains seems very likely. As the Gen Z look for escapes from their innate and amplified stress, their focus on their mental health will probably intensify.

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Gen Z still thinks that this pandemic will bring a surge of appreciation and enjoyment for life. Aside from that, they have also reminded people to come together to overcome differences in search of community and progress. While the pandemic has taken a toll on humanity, it also offered glimpses into failures, insights to many problems that needs to be addressed, and a warning to correct the course.

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The Gen Z has risen above polarization and started to fight for a more empathetic and hopeful politics. They continue to find ways to show glimmers of hope, kindness, and humor in a difficult time for the world. In moments of pessimism and despair, they shine a light on positivity and optimism to overcome the challenges that everybody faces today.

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