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Tiktoker Chris Punsalan, an epitome of grandson’s love

Tiktoker Chris Punsalan, an epitome of grandson’s love

Chris Punsalan, a 29-year-old Filipino American have been winning the hearts of many Tiktok users today. With his videos showing his daily activities with his 96-year-old grandmother, this young tiktoker is indeed an epitome of a grandson’s genuine love. 

At 29, some men probably just enjoy their lives outside with countless boy parties or gimmicks, or even plans their own family. But to Chris, waking up everyday seeing his grandmother is a very special thing for him. For over 7 years, Chris never regrets being his own grandmother’s caregiver. 

As a digital content creator, Chris documents every memories with his Lola as long as she lives.

Chris Punsalan would always upload videos featuring their quality time every day. Their routines usually starts at feeding, bathing and even letting his grandmother fold napkin as her favorite thing to do. What makes them more lovely is their heartwarming conversations with each other.

Since then, almost all his videos gone viral. Not just within the Tiktok community but even on other social media platforms he use. As of now, Chris Punsalan has over 1.9M followers and almost 53.5M video likes from the netizens. This has made him one of the most searched Tiktoker of the year.  


In one of his Tiktok video, Chris explained why he decided to take care of her grandmother instead of sending her to a home-care. Other elder American sent to home-care aren’t given enough care, to which Chris’ family decided to keep their ill grandmother at home.

Recently, Chris uploaded a video showing his grandmother’s reaction upon watching a particular news on ABS-CBN TFC. It was about their story featuring them on a mainstream channel. It showed Lola’s genuine happiness seeing her face on the television. This Tiktok video gathered almost 1.9M views and over 300k likes.

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Also, her grandma is very religious even at that age. In every Tiktok videos uploaded by Chris, it will always show grandma doing her daily rosary.

As one of an avid viewer of this young tiktoker, I always find pure wholesomeness through his videos. His journey with his elderly and ill grandma was never a hindrance for him to enjoy his life. Additionally, I also adore their kapampangan conversations especially whenever his grandma forgets his name.

And since you are just here, you can follow Chris Punsalan’s socials for more heartwarming videos with his Lola!

  • Tiktok: @firstnamechris
  • Instagram: @chrispunsalan
  • Facebook: Chris Punsalan
  • Youtube: ChrisPunsalanTV

I know for a fact that taking care of our elder loved ones is such a hard thing to do. However, because of the love we feel for them, we never care even if things become so tiring. And so to every Filipino caretakers around the globe, thank you for devoting and sharing your love even if things get so rough sometimes. And just like Chris, you are all one of a kind!

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