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Welcome the Rainy Season with These 3 Beneficial Plants

Welcome the Rainy Season with These 3 Beneficial Plants

The month of the rainy season has come! Rainy seasons mean a dengue episode in the Philippines again and other diseases that might bring. A lot of us already worry about the COVID-19 virus. Now, we have to worry about dengue, too. Plantitos and plantitas, here is the time we shine the most. Plants will never be the same again. Aside from using them for aesthetics, we can also them for health benefits.

Here are three plants that are good for rainy days that you might want to try:

Citronella Grass or Lemongrass

Welcome the Rainy Season with These 3 Beneficial Plants
Easy To Grow Bulb | Citronella Grass or Lemongrass

Usually, we use citronella grass or lemongrass (tanglad in Filipino) in cooking to flavor our favorite dishes. But aside from that, studies have also proved the effectiveness of the lemongrass to repel mosquitoes.

According to Landscape Designer Darcy Larum, the oil extracted from the leaves of the citronella repels the mosquitoes. The oil does not release voluntarily but it needs to be crushed or pressed. It also prevents whiteflies and other pests that destroy other plants or disturbed someone from what they do.


This Is My Garden | Basil

Basil serves as a herb and another ingredient for cooking. However, it also acts as an effective mosquito repellent. It has four mosquito-repellent volatiles that keeps the insects away. This information came from Professor of Secondary School of Nature Sciences Daniel Climent. These basil leaves remain toxic to mosquitoes which becomes the reason why they keep them away. In addition, with some stroke of its leaves, it can make one’s room into having a great scent like a perfume.


Catnip also remains a perfect plant for the rainy season. It has a distinctive smell from its oil called nepetalactone. Science Daily stated that it has a certain odor that has ten times more effective in repelling mosquitoes than Deet. Aside from mosquitoes it also deters cockroaches and termites. On the other hand, it has a different effect on felines. Science News staff writer Erin Garcia de Jesús studies that it gives them a euphoric feeling.

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We can enjoy the life of a plant parent. And also keep us protected from the danger that insects bring during rainy seasons by planting these plants. Start planting now and discover its benefits. Let’s welcome the rainy season with plants not only good for the eyes but also good for health.

Happy gardening everyone!

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