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VP/List: Top 6 Netflix movies to watch on Christmas Day!

VP/List: Top 6 Netflix movies to watch on Christmas Day!

Netflix has become the ultimate place for everyone to watch movies and series. Although real classics are available on the streaming service, they have recently became the place for holiday cheer that pretty much became instant Christmas classics. Don your favorite Christmas sweater, grab a hot chocolate, and get a bucket of popcorn because this will be the most binge-worthy list for the Christmas spirit.

Netflix’s The Christmas Prince

Let’s start with the Netflix Christmas original that started it all. Starring Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Tom Knight, Sarah Douglas, Daniel Fathers, Alice Krige, and Tahirah Sharif, the 2017 film became an ultimate classic. Of course, sequels followed after it with The Christmas Prince: A Royal Wedding and The Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.

The series started with journalist Amber Moore traveling to Aldovia to write a story about the crown prince’s ascension to the royal throne. Going undercover to report on the story, she ends up falling for the prince in the process. With the movie having two instalments after it, one would think they already lived happily ever after.

Netflix's A Christmas Prince

Let It Snow

There are already tons of movies with teens dealing with relationships, friends, and friends who want to be more-than-friends. Based on Young Adult novel masters John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle’s three short stories that intersect, the movie took social media by storm with positive representation of LGBTQ+ relationships and family dynamics.

Netflix's Let It Snow

Netflix’s Klaus

Breathing new life to a classic legend, a terrible postman named Jesper teamed up with burly toymaker Klaus to bring cheer and toys to the children of Smeerensberg, an icy Nordic island. The location has lost its happiness to generations-long family feuds.

When word got out that Jesper and Klaus sets to spread toys everywhere, children of the island have started writing letters to Klaus. They started requesting their toy of choice and share recent acts of kindness they have performed. Uniting together, families in feud set their differences aside to rid the town of Jesper and Klaus.

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Netflix's Klaus

The Knight Before Christmas

Netflix’s most-recent Christmas movie, Vanessa Hudgens stars as Brooke, a teacher who has given up on love. She, then, literally runs into Sir Cole Christopher Frederick Lyons, he is a medieval knight who has somehow ended up in the present day. Compelled to help Sir Cole get back to his right time or probably remember who he actually is, they become a perfect pair for each other. However, the question still stands: will they live happily ever after?

The Knight before Christmas

The Princess Switch

Netflix might be well-aware that their viewers are a sucker for a good princess story. Hudgens plays a single American baker who enters a baking competition in Belgravia. While she prepares for her competition, she meets a woman who looks exactly like her and is currently engaged to a prince. They switch lives for a moment and guess what ensued as the movie dances to its climax? Romance erupts like an inactive volcano.

Netflix's The Princess Switch

Netflix’s The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell is a cool-as-hell Santa… Obviously! He gets stuck in the “human world” after two siblings steal away in his sleigh. Now, the two kids have the responsibility and obligation to save Christmas. How far will they be willing to go to spend Christmas giving back to their community? Will they save Christmas after all?

Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles

Have you watched these? Let us know in the comments section below.

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