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The next season of MTV’s No Filter features the life of Bretman Rock

The next season of MTV’s No Filter features the life of Bretman Rock

Yas, b*tch! Bretman Rock is finally getting his own reality show on MTV. With YouTube stars’ growing popularity, it’s unavoidable that MTV sets its course to feature these personalities. The channel announced the deal for a digital reality series, No Filter. Are you ready for the baddest b*tch to rock your screens? I bet you are.

Bretman Rock stars in MTV’s No Filter

MTV’s No Filter started off strong with Tana Turns 21 which stars controversial YouTube personality Tana Mongeau. With Rock’s own wild brand of comedy, his fans would definitely approve of this newest endeavor. In an Instagram Live on MTV’s No Filter account, the baddest b*tch himself announce the series.

“It’s a fact that this b*tch right here is gonna to have his own MTV show. I am going to be the newest MTV reality star… It is going to be something you guys have never seen before. It is going to be the rawest Bretman Rock that you guys will ever see. You guys will see everything; you’ll see my whole family… I just know you guys are going to love it.”

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Bretman Rock
Photo from MTV’s No Filter

A little background behind Bretman Rock:

The Hawaii-based Filipino YouTuber has gained a seriously huge amount of followers through his notorious influence on social media. This includes his nearly 15-million Instagram followers and 6.9-million subscribers on YouTube. He has outlandish and chaotically funny humor that made him win Beauty Influencer of the Year at the 2019 People’s Choice Awards and. Aside from that, Time Magazine has also named him this generation’s Most Influential Teen in 2018.

The series will begin filming in early 2020 and will go live on YouTube where both Bretman Rock and MTV have earned 6-million subscribers each.

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