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Uragon Man! Must-Have Delicacies of the Bicol Region

Uragon Man! Must-Have Delicacies of the Bicol Region

Regarding food and delicacies, Bicol is best known for its spicy treats across the whole region. The feisty cuisine of the Bicol region became a nationwide treat for everyone. However, can you name any three famous dishes that started off in the Bicol Region? Worry less because here are some dishes that best describe how magayon their foods are.

Bicol Express

It is safe to assume that most of the locals know the Bicol Express dish. If not, why? The dish resembles Bicol’s culture and habits of being used to spicy foods. However, aside from the spicy flavor, Bicol dishes also showcase their creamy sauce because of gata. 

If you are not into spicy food, better prepare yourself if you are eating Bicol Express. The dish’s main ingredient is green chilies and there are a lot of them. The pork or any protein of your choice is just an accompaniment to the whole dish. However, there are a lot of Bicol Express variations across the whole country. 

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Another dish that is famous around the land of Bicol is the famous Laing dish. Just like the Bicol Express dish, it also has a lot of variations across the whole country of the Philippines. Laing in the region of Bicol can be a creamy variation or simply cooked in pinangat style. 

Laing consists of dried taro leaves and gata. It goes together well with the addition of tinapa or any protein of your choice. Of course, it would not be a complete Bicol dish if there are no chilies in it. Laing is a perfect dish to bring to your vacation spots or any picnic destination. 

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Chili Ice Cream

You might be asking, is that even gonna work? Imagine a dairy and sweet product having a spicy aftertaste. Well, that is exactly how it feels and tastes. It is a bizarre experience for sure. However, it actually tastes like a promising ice cream flavor that has a huge twist behind it. 

The spice of the actual ice cream depends on each level. In the region of Bicol, they sell it per level. So if you want a very spicy one, pick up the level-five ice cream and prepare for a total experience you have never felt before. The cold ice cream complements well with the spicy taste of the chilies. However, it is bizarre because, in your first bites, you do not actually feel the intense heat bought by the chilies. 

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Each region in the Philippines has its own pride when it comes to delicacies and treats. The Bicol region houses the fire and heat when it comes to Filipino cuisine. It may be spicy but the flavors are packed with the region’s culture and history that was established a long time ago.
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