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The Risks of “Putok-Batok” Mukbang

The Risks of “Putok-Batok” Mukbang

While eating, especially when alone, some of us have our eyes glued on the television or even on our phones. Personally, I enjoy my food while watching It’s Showtime in the afternoon and any foreign series at dinner. This is my way of entertaining my mind while filling the tummy at the same time. In Korea, many are living alone resulting in a population of solo-eating people. As it is naturally a social activity done with others, they find it lonely to eat by themselves. As a solution, mukbang videos emerged and gained popularity in 2010.  The term translates to ‘eating broadcast” where streamers talk about their day while happily devouring their meal. 

In 2014, mukbang’s popularity spread globally and as a nation that embraces foreign trends, it of course reached our country. Just by searching ‘Filipino mukbang’, you’d feel overwhelmed by the number of results. If you are already familiar with this type of video, you know that they do not just eat a single serving of food. Commonly, it is in large amounts but can be finished in just one sitting. There is a variety of cuisine that we can find and here in the Philippines, Filipino mukbangers tend to gravitate towards “putok-batok” food or those that are high in cholesterol.

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The danger that comes with it

The most common food that can be seen in these videos are lechon kawali, chicharon bulaklak, beef bone marrow, crispy pata, and balut. These savory foods may not seem harmless to those who aren’t suffering from high blood pressure. However, when consumed often and in large portions, it can definitely take a toll on one’s health. These are high in saturated fats which according to the American Heart Association, can increase the risk of heart disease.

A diet that is high in fat is also associated with the development of cancer. The National Library of Medicine stated that it particularly has a connection to cancer of the breast and colon, which we all know, already took millions of lives. Just a couple of clicks and it will take you to all the risks related to over consumption of these types of food. Clearly, it doesn’t end with mere hypertension or high blood pressure.

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The thing is, people seem to love these “putok-batok” mukbangs. Some would even include how many kilos they would consume as if it adds a factor to the video’s watchability. We are all aware by now that in the YouTube world, views equate to money. Many of these Filipino mukbangers are garnering hundred of thousand to millions of views. This is an implication that such content do sell to viewers. With that, it’s not surprising that more and more individuals are becoming mukbanger on this platform.

The Department of Health reported that the leading cause of mortality in the Philippines is heart disease. Knowing this, we should be more careful with the food that could harm the heart. As they say, you can’t out-train a bad diet which means that no amount of exercise can make up for unhealthy eating. Sure, these content creators are probably earning a large sum from “putok-batok” mukbangs, yet when the health risk is greater, it will never be worth it.

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